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Friday, 24 December 2010

Win! Win! Win!

   Since my last post have won:

Jackie Collins book
Atherton's Ashes by Michael Atherton
Cats & Dogs Double Bill DVD

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Fresh idea - a network of Thrift Shops

   Reuse centres seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment. These sheds contain basically grot - but grot in a good cause. As an island nation Britain needs to learn how to deal with its waste pronto.

   Reuse centres play a small but neccesary part of the cycle. Good, usuable stuff shouldn't be going into the ground.

   As a reuse centre owner though, you'd probably find that some items will sell well, whereas others will sit for ages (like any retail). In other areas of the country, the ratio of products in feast or famine may change, and the popular items might differ.

   My idea is to open a central hub for reuse centres where items are stockpiled and then sold cheaply around the country. Margins wouldn't be great, but if a low cost model is used, and governmental grants are sought then it would be a worthy social enterprise.


  • Collected both the chairs last night. Taking one chair to Cantebury tonight.
  • Entered another doz comps.
  • Putting stereo, printer and a couple of antique books on Ebay to sell.
  • Betfair absolute profit now well over £1100 for the year.
  • Arranged to collect one doz books from a Freecycle donater.
  • Listed a doz ads on Gumtree, including one promoting my empty van coming back from Scotland at the weekend.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Shiply goes wild!

   Have got two Shiply runs this weekend:

  • Taking an armchari to Peterhead.
  • Taking a chair to Cantebury.

Another win!

When I went home at dinnertime we had an envelope waiting for Stevie Taylor. It was another competition win – this time a DVD double bill of Cats & Dogs, and Cats & Dogs 2.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Sales of my own books - £86 so far, reckon Dec-10 will be the best month.

November, 2010 Total

01-Nov-2010 - Zero-Rated Products [Show] £ 31.33

Sales £ 31.33


October, 2010 Total

01-Oct-2010 - Zero-Rated Products [Show] £ 35.77

Sales £ 35.77


September, 2010 Total

01-Sep-2010 - Zero-Rated Products [Show] £ 7.11

Sales £ 7.11


August, 2010 Total

01-Aug-2010 - Zero-Rated Products [Show] £ 10.22

Sales £ 10.22


June, 2010 Total

01-Jun-2010 - Zero-Rated Products [Show] £ 2.00

Sales £ 2.00

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Nice wee win

   Nice win yesterday - Sex and the City 2 Collectors Edition DVD.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Query to the bird at amillionjobstodo.......

Have you ever thought about hiring your own car out? Like the do at Whip Car. How do you think you could make sure all insurance requirements?

Monday, 29 November 2010

Amazon ticks along.....


We initiated a transfer to your checking account (last three digits 549) of £32.41 on 29/11/2010.

Funds usually arrive within 6 to 10 working days, but times vary by bank.

To see more information about your Marketplace transactions:
1. Visit your Seller Account at
2. Click "View your payments account" under the Get Paid heading.
3. Use the drop-down menu on the left to see past disbursements.

Thank you for choosing Marketplace

Thursday, 25 November 2010

God Loves a try-er

   Just entered 42 comps in the last 29 minutes. Keep right on till the end of the road!

Shiply Update

3 jobs awarded now

Matting from Northampton to Guildford       £15
Cabinet from Northampton to London         £22
Freezer from Lutterworth to Northampton   £22

Reckon the freezer may be too big for my van so may have to measure it out.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Email to Richard Fairbrass (Right Said Fred)

Dear Mr Fairbrass,

Run with me on this!

I think you should put forward Right Said for “Gay Funerals”. You conduct the service, and your brother plays the organ. After a few minutes of dutiful respect you pull off the cassock to reveal your muscles whilst your brother kicks in on the organ with “I’m too sexy”.

Granted, this service won’t have mass market appeal, but I’m sure you’ll get a few takers every year plus it’ll make big headlines.

Let me know your thoughts.

Kind regards,

Ross Taylor.

Letter to Chesney Hawkes

Dear Chesney,

You are a living legend.

If at all possible, could I please have your autograph?

Good luck in the panto.

Kind regards,

Letter to Weightlifting Scotland

Dear Sir,

This may be a very strange request, but please bear with me.

What training schedule would you suggest for a young man, starting from scratch, who had dreams of taking Gold for Scotland in a Weightlifting discipline at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games?

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Letter to Fred MacAulay

Dear Fred,

I think I could write some half decent material that would suit you. How could I go about doing this?

Kind regards,

Letter to Geoff Boycott

Dear Mr Boycott (GLY),

It feels strange to be writing to a legend.

I was wondering if I could bother you with a few quick questions:

• What would happen if all government cash was removed from Cricket overnight?

• Could you lead the England team to glory in a coaching role?

• What is your true thoughts on 20/20?

Kind regards,

Letter to Peter Stringfellow

Dear Peter,

It feels strange to be writing to a legend.

I was wondering if I could bother you with a few quick questions:

• What advice would you give a young man looking to get started in the Nightclub business?

• What’s next after Lap Dancing? Can the boundaries of the law be pushed more?

• What’s next for you?

Kind regards,

Letter to Cheryl Cole

Dear Cheryl,

Just a quick note to say that I had a dream where you cracked America via a successful Film Soundtrack. I wonder if this will come true?

Best of luck in your future endeavours.

Kind regards,

Letter to Simon Cowell

Dear Mr. Cowell

I am writing to applaud your genius, which seems to grow exponentially from year to year. Not only do I see you as the puppet master behind the charts, but also you seem to carry the whole ITV network on your shoulders.

The money roles in through advertising, CD sales, online downloads, royalties and much, much more. You control the methods of production, distribution and gain – classic!

I noted in the papers that you were in contact with Jonathan Ross. This reminded me that JR used to interview all of the comedians from his agency on a regular basis, thereby gaining on two fronts. More genius!

If there is anyway I can help your operation then please drop me a line. It would be my honour to help you.

Kind regards,

Letter to Alan Sugar

Dear Alan,

I love it every time I see you on television or hear you on the radio, albeit I find “The Apprentice” very annoying. I find myself shouting at the TV through frustration.

I am full of business ideas so please drop me a line if you get really desperate! I’ve included some of my recent work.

Kind regards,

(I included a copy of a recent presentation I've done at work)

Letter to Adam Hart-Davis

Dear Adam,

I was wondering if I could please bother you with a couple of quick questions:

• Do you wish you had came up with the idea of “American Inventor”?

• Do you believe that suppression of Free Energy technology has taken place?

• What projects are you working on at the moment?

Kind regards,

Letter to Ant & Dec

Dear Ant & Dec,

Loving your work!

How would I go about supplying you with material?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

More Bookshop Mailings

Have sent this to ten stores in Hay:

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I’m hoping we may be able to do some business together. My name is Ross Taylor and I work for a Publishing company as Commercial Manager. Aside from this however, my real passion is for secondhand books.

I was wondering if I could profitably help you by combining my passion alongside the fact that I make regular trips from my home in Northamptonshire to my Brother’s House in Gloucestershire.

Do you need books brought up or taken back? Do you require one box of samples taken to a store in Eastern England but feel it’s not worth the postage? I’m open to any ideas. I drive a Vauxhall Astra van which could easily hold a few dozen cartons.

Please use your imagination and contact me with any potential plans. I’m not looking to make a fortune – just cover my costs. I am more interested in learning more about Second Hand books, and doing someone a good turn.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

I've dropped a line to Towcester Racecourse

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Please keep my details on file should you require any casual labour on race days. I am an extremely hard working individual just looking for a little extra cash. I could pick up litter, work as security, cook chips – anything.

I am available on any race day in 2011, as long as I have notice.

I very much look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Kind regards,

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Drumming up work from local couriers.....

I've popped this in the post to 9 local courier firms:

33 Hunsbury Green




FAO The Collection Controller/ Delivery Manager

My name is Ross Taylor and I am writing to offer my services as a Courier Owner Driver.

I drive a Vauxhall Astra Van (LPG) and have GIT Insurance cover of £15k. Over the last few months I have been gaining work through For many years I drove a 7.5tonnes van for Carlsberg-Tetley (Alloa).

I am available anytime between 5pm Friday afternoon to 5am Monday mornings.

Kind regards,

Ross Taylor

Mob: 07878733651


I'm in for another Library job

Application summary

Title: Saturday Library Assistant

Reference: 25875

Employer: Northamptonshire County Council

Closing on: 09/12/2010

Application created: 23/11/2010

.Application Confirmation

Post: Saturday Library Assistant

Reference: 25875

Thank you very much for your application to Northamptonshire County Council, which has been received successfully. We will be in touch with you soon if you have been shortlisted.

In the meantime, if you’d like to be kept informed of suitable new jobs as they become available, please use our free jobs-by-email service. And remember to check our jobs pages regularly.

Good luck with your job hunting!

Shiply Update

2 bids accepted over the last two days. One run is from Lutterworth to Northampton. The other is from Northampton to London. Should get both done this weekend.

Going for it hard on the comp side

50 comps in the bag last night.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Desperate Times..........

Hi Karran, (the Human Resources Manager)

Can I sell my 2011 holidays back to the company? I can’t afford to go on holiday.

Kind regards,


Saturday, 20 November 2010

KP Foods - Over and Above

Well done to KP Foods. Vouchers to the value of £6 dropped through my letterbox this morning. Nice.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Shiply Update

Still just the one Shiply job in the bag, but I'm persevering for more. Here are the bids that I currently have the best bid on:

My Shiply: rosstaylor (2)

Current Bids

Baby Equipment

Listed: 02/11/2010 From: Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 5BF, United Kingdom

To: Stonehaven, Kincardineshire, AB39 2GP, United Kingdom

Bids: 6 Expires: 02/12/2010 11:49 PM My Bid: £55

car seats

Listed: 29/10/2010 From: Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

To: Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Bids: 8 Expires: 28/11/2010 9:37 PM My Bid: £29

Washing Machine

Listed: 11/11/2010 From: Peterborough, PE7 8DX, United Kingdom

To: Whitley Bay, Tyne And Wear, NE25 8HZ, United Kingdom

Bids: 5 Expires: 11/12/2010 5:33 PM My Bid: £44


Listed: 07/11/2010 From: Northampton, northampton, United Kingdom

To: Southampton, SO17 1TF, United Kingdom

Bids: 3 Expires: 07/12/2010 5:13 PM My Bid: £33

Washing Machine

Listed: 18/11/2010 From: NN4 8UQ, NN4 8UQ, United Kingdom

To: BB9 6QW, BB9 6QW, United Kingdom

Bids: 2 Expires: 18/12/2010 12:47 AM My Bid: £44

Ikea Cabinet

Listed: 17/11/2010 From: 280585305273, NN1 2ET, United Kingdom

To: London, Greater London, N1 0YH, United Kingdom

Bids: 1 Expires: 17/12/2010 7:00 PM My Bid: £22

2 Boxes

Listed: 09/11/2010 From: Northampton, NN4 7PW, United Kingdom

To: Glasgow, G69 6GA, United Kingdom

Bids: 9 Expires: 09/12/2010 5:09 PM My Bid: £24


Listed: 27/10/2010 From: Derby, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

To: Linlithgow, United Kingdom

Bids: 6 Expires: 26/11/2010 1:18 AM My Bid: £19


Listed: 09/11/2010 From: Leicester, Leicestershire, LE9 7FB, United Kingdom

To: Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 2TB, United Kingdom

Bids: 4 Expires: 09/12/2010 1:50 PM My Bid: £19


Listed: 01/11/2010 From: Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, LU7 9RD, United Kingdom

To: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP20 2QP, United Kingdom

Bids: 4 Expires: 01/12/2010 8:22 PM My Bid: £11

Bosch Integrated Refrigerator

Listed: 12/11/2010 From: Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN9 6QY, United Kingdom

To: Northampton, NN3 5LN, United Kingdom

Bids: 5 Expires: 12/12/2010 9:39 AM My Bid: £15

3 Boxes

Listed: 20/10/2010 From: Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 9GA, United Kingdom

To: Normanton, West Yorkshire, WF6 2XX, United Kingdom

Bids: 7 Expires: 19/11/2010 7:43 PM My Bid: £22

Snooker Cue Shaft Only

Listed: 07/11/2010 From: Bedworth, Warwickshire, CV12 0LY, United Kingdom

To: Gateshead, Tyne And Wear, NE8 4NF, United Kingdom

Bids: 1 Expires: 07/12/2010 5:22 PM My Bid: £22

Badge Maker / Machine 25mm

Listed: 10/11/2010 From: Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK11 1DR, United Kingdom

To: Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 8NQ, United Kingdom

Bids: 2 Expires: 10/12/2010 6:51 PM My Bid: £37

Fridge Freezer

Listed: 10/11/2010 From: Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 2RR, United Kingdom

To: Corby, Northamptonshire, NN18 0NZ, United Kingdom

Bids: 2 Expires: 10/12/2010 9:57 PM My Bid: £20

This represents a total of 15 jobs. I want to have 25 winning bids by the end of the weekend.

Small Success with McCoys - good customer service

Hi Ross

Thank you for contacting us regarding the McCoys Curry promotion. We were sorry to hear of your experience.

The website does mention that you need to book ahead, on every page throughout the process of finding a restaurant in your area which unfortunately, you must have missed.

However, we would like to offer you a small goodwill gesture as you were so disappointed. This is being sent to your land address.

Once again, thank you for contacting us.

Kind regards

Rhonda Gittins

Let's see if I can get any joy from McCoy's


I am really annoyed because I cut out my 2 for 1 curry voucher from a pack of McCoys and visited a participating restaurant located about 6 miles from my home. On presentation of the voucher I was told that I needed to book in advance for it to be accepted. I can't see where this is mentioned in the small print. This left me £22 out of pocket and fuming mad.

I am afraid that if this happens to a lot of customers then this will be the sort of promotion that creates McCoys as many enemies as it does friends.


Ross Taylor.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Working on my plans

   I've now got my plans drawn out ready to go through with Vicki - reckon we can save £20,000 in 8 months between us.

Another Win!

Pretty worthless (I checked) but nonetheless Vicki won two tickets to a Nightclub in London.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Want to make someone's life a misery?

Want to make someone's life a misery?

Email me with the Person's name, address and a brief summary of the situation.

I know 100+ legal methods which will annoy, frustrate, exasperate and create problems for your target.

This service is not cheap - do not reply if you want this for free.

Ageless Checkers

   Another Business Idea I've came across which I like is "Ageless Checkers". Basically you get paid to go around to a pensioner and spend 20 minutes making sure they are all right.

   Sounds like a perfect thing to fit into my schedule.

Expense Reduction Analysts

   I came across a company I like - "Expense Reduction Analysts". I really love what they do, basically going through the accounts to forensic level in order to reduce operating costs.

   I've asked them to keep me in mind to see if I can help:


my name is Ross Taylor and I currently work as the Commercial Manager for a Fast Track 100 Publishing Company. Please keep my name and email or records should I be able to help your organisation in the future.
Kind regards,
Ross Taylor.

Rent A Wreck/ Whip Car

   Haven't had a peep from Whip Car since I listed our Vauxhall Corsa. Was thinking about this after coming across the company "Rent A Wreck".

  I think this is a great idea. When I want to rent a car it's because I need to get something shifted, or reach some destination - not because I need a status symbol!

Monday, 25 October 2010

EPL Mutual Fund - record high!

   The EPL Mutual Fund has now broken the £850 profit mark for the first time. I've tried to add an extra note of caution over the last few weeks by sticking to football. It seems to be working quite well as my strike rate has stayed steady at 97% for a number of weeks.

   The next goal is a 100% month - and to break the £1000 profit mark.

Betfair Laying - Early Mover Advantage?

If you were really into it, could you find out when Betfair are due to open certain markets?

I was just thinking, if you knew when the World Darts for instance was going to open – you could get in there quick and set your own tissue.

Then, even if you put crap odds, you'd probably still get takers due to early mover advantage.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Sweeper System?

   Have been going through some of the notes I took down whilst in America. One caught my eye. A guy in America is making big money (so he says) by sweeping up the Car Parks around small commercial premises.

   This may actually have some legs as a small biz which could be bolted on within my general plan.

Should have added.......

   Have attracted a couple of new investment partners into the EPL mutual fund. Balance is now at £3200 with £800 absolute profits.

Catch-Up since last post

   It's been a little while since I dropped an update on the blog.

   Over the last two weeks I have been:

  • Working hard! (4.30am starts!)
  • Comping
  • Initiating some works in my home to prepare it for rentig out
  • Reading up
  • Selling second hand on Amazon
  • Selling my own books on Amazon (67 copies sold!)

Friday, 8 October 2010

New Mystery Shopping Work

Today I've applied with this firm, who I read about via the British Booksellers Association of all places:


•Flexible working conditions.

•Interesting and diverse work.

•Make an active contribution towards better customer service.

•No previous experience is necessary.

•People from all backgrounds and ages from 18 years welcome.

Give me my money back Frankie and Benny's!

My receipt is clearly marked with £9.32 Discount Savings - but this amount has not been subtracted from my bill. I used a 25% discount voucher I had received as a Shareholder in City Centre Restaurants.

I have been on holiday since my visit hence the delay in raising this.


Frankie and Benny's, Shire Retail Park, Leamington Spa, CV34 6RH

4/9/10 20:00 T399410GV2 GARY

Total £29.83 Discount Savings £9.92

Card Charged £29.83

Printed by Sophie.

I have kept both the cash register receipt and the chip and pin receipt.

Could I please have my £9.92 back?

Kind regards,

Ross Taylor.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Another Win!

Nice surprise in the post yesterday when I won "Morris" on DVD. Keep on rockin!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

On Course Horse Racing Arbitrage Betting?

When I was at Stratford Upon Avon I noted there was much more variation amongst the bookies than I've seen before.

In one race an outsider was priced at 50/1 at one bookie and 150/1 at the bookie next door. Surely if you had a dongle and a box you could take advantage of these sort of variations on the exchanges? The average price on course would have been 66/1 so I'm assuming the lay price on the exchanges would have been there or thereabouts?

What do you think?

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

All Ads on Gumtree

Here is a list of all the ads I have on Gumtree at the moment:

Advert Log

Scotland/ England Courier Service

Weekly Saturday/ Sunday Scotland/ England courier service.

Very cheap prices.

Anything considered.

Email for more information.

Need a Friend?

If you need any of these services then please get in touch:

Introduce you to people, Dinner, Workout Partner, Sporting Events, Outdoors, Wingman/Wingwoman, Picnics, Wine Tasting, Going To Park, Museums, Friends With Disabled, Going to Bar, Hot Air Balloon, Shopping, Poetry/Art/Drawing, Travel, Photography, Tutoring, Teaching Manners, Beach, Meet Friends, Playing Sports, Arcades, Friends with Seniors, Hiking, Hanging Out, Phone Friend, Bowling, Amusement Parks, Skiing, Martial Arts, Comedy Club, Psychic, Family Functions, Music, Site Seeing, Coffee House, Casino, Personal Advice, Yoga, Swimming, Games, Movies, Baking/Cooking, Religious, Giving Tours, Parties, Business Events, Zoo Clubbing, Prom Dates.

I will do anything - Just ask.

I’m available for Medical Trials

Drop me a line if you need me.

6ft 90kg 31yr old male

Mortgages, Money and Magic

Discover what 99% of homeowners don't know that could save you a fortune.

There is a simple plan that anyone can follow which can lead to Financial Freedom through property ownership - whatever you may read in the papers.

Here are some of the vital things this book will show you:

• Why house prices are going to go up in the next 5 years.

• The 4 things you need to get a mortgage (Credit Crunch proof).

• The 4 ways of buying a property without putting down a deposit.

• The simple ratio you can use to ensure your mortgage is finished at age 46 at the latest.

• How to drive a BMW and still be Financially Free.

• The exact destination you must choose for your holidays over the next decade.

• Plus much more.

Delivered by Email within 24 hours.

Reply via this ad to order. Payment by Paypal.

Do you need an Opposition report completed?

Do you need information on an opponent business?

I am an experienced Businessman, Auditor and Mystery Shopper. Just let me know what you want and I'll get it done cheaply, swiftly and accurately.

Northampton Lifestyle Management Services


• Dog walking

• Prescription / pension collection

• Shopping

• Pet sitting

• Waiting in for deliveries or tradesmen

• Returning library books

• Taking items to charity shops / recycling areas

• Checking on elderly / infirm relatives while family are in work, even keeping them company and reading to them

• Cleaning and tidying headstone of loved ones

• Collecting dry cleaning

• New house / End of tenancy cleaning

• Providing cover in a shop / business

• All household cleaning, both one-off and regular weekly appointments

+ Much, much more. Anything consider – Just Ask!

£10 an hour flat rate – payable in advance.

Need Debt Help?

Debt problems? Our debt management plan helps 1000s of people get out of debt.

Email now with your Name, Address and Phone number and one of our advisors will be in touch ASAP.

Scottish Gold Buyers – We Beat Any Quote!

Send us your Gold along with a written quote from any of these firms:

UK Cash 4

Postal Gold for cash

Cash My Gold

Postal Gold

Any other national firm.

We promise to beat their quote by at least 5%.

Payment made instantly by Bank Transfer, Paypal or Cheque.

Make Money On Amazon – No Effort!

Have you got lots of books you'd like to sell on Amazon - but just can't be bothered with the rigmaroll?

Let me sell them for you! I'll do all the legwork and split the profits with you 50/50.

Drop me a line, I'll pick the books up and send you a monthly account breakdown and any payments by cheque.


Toaster Bag Buy One Get One Free + FREE Delivery!

Brand new!

Toaster Pockets/Bag

Suitable for toasties, breads, toasted sandwiches, samosas, turnovers, almost anything solid that would fit in a toaster!


Re-usable... simply wash in warm soapy water

Reply to this ad to order. Pay by Paypal or Cheque.

Buy one Get One Free – Free Delivery!

I can help you get on top of your finances!

Every Family gets stuck in a rut now and again - it's natural.

I can help you get on top of your bills and stay on top through sensible investments. My methods are simple but they work.

Give me an email and I'll see what I can do.

I only charge you a percentage of the money I save you.

Squatter Alert!

As an experienced Landlord, Enforcement Officer and Debt Collector I know just how absolutely annoying it can be to have Squatters in one of your properties.

I want to help you make sure this never happens.

With my squatter alert service I can provide you with:

* A daily visit to your property, with emailed photograph as proof.

* Confrontation of squatters if found and relevant parties informed if necessary.

* Removal of visible signs of property being empty e.g. yellow pages on doorstep etc.

This is a very cheap service at only £1 per visit + petrol money. I keep the price down as I do this as much for duty, and community spirit as for profit.

Email me to make contact. Any location in Northamptonshire considered.

Thousands and Thousands of Books for Sale – FREE Delivery!

£2 Per Book

Free Delivery

All offers considered from single titles to the lot!

Email me for a list

Your Big Fat Scottish BFF!

What is Your Big Fat Scottish BFF?

Your Big Fat Scottish BFF is a company that allows you to rent a Scottish friend anywhere in the UK. You can rent a local Friend to hang out with, go to a movie or restaurant with, someone to go with you to a party or event, someone to teach you a new skill or hobby, or someone to go to the Footie with.

Guaranteed Scottishness!

Your Big Fat Scottish BFF is strictly a platonic Friendship company. Your Big Fat Scottish BFF is NOT a dating website, and NOT an Escort agency. Services on Your Big Fat Scottish BFF are strictly for FRIENDSHIP purposes only.

Let Me Handle Your Sensitive Personal and Business Matters

We all encounter sensitive situations such as family problems, social issues, work and financial difficulties that do not warrant involvement of our close friends and relatives. While most of us cope successfully with the demands of our lives, some, for one reason or the other, require involvement of the third party to resolve their situation. We offer the service with an ability to handle effectively any circumstances that would pose a serious threat to a client's overall well being. We express interest and concern in helping you re-establish the emotional equilibrium necessary for success in your life.

Email to contact

Seasonal Stock Purchase

I am interested in buying any genuine seasonal clearance stock



Back to School

New Year, New You


Bonfire Night

Summer Holidays

Please contact me with any deals

Dogs in Hats!


I am currently compiling a book of pictures of dogs in various fancy dress. If you have any pictures of your pooch in a fancy bonnet or other such like then please send them through along with your details and I'll ensure you get a mention.



Free Advice and Counselling!

I offer Free Advice and Counselling to try and help you out.

Just Ask!!

Free Service – Let Me Help You!

Is something troubling you? Getting you down? A problem shared is a problem halved.

Here's your chance to get your worries off your chest. If you're having difficulties with relationships, family, work or any other aspect of your life, help is at hand.

Legal Smart Drugs

* incredibly stimulating effects.

* can improve your memory.

* increase your focus.

* great for those last minute cramming sessions before exams.

* prevent you falling asleep.

* completely legal

Pay via Cheque or Paypal.

Dispatched within 24hr

Get 5% Cashback on All Your Purchases!

Earn 5% Cashback every time you shop at a wide variety of leading retailers!


Spend: £500 per month at Sainsbury's on food and fuel

Cashback: £25

Plus: Nectar points on top!

Your cashback card works just like a "Pay as You Go" mobile you top it up with money, then go shopping! It's not a Credit Card, so there is no interest and you can't get into any debt.

Go to: and click "Cashback Card"

Legal Cocaine!

Legal Cocaine which is taking the London Club Scene by Storm





Free P&P!

£12.50 per gram.

Shipped within 24 hours!

Reply to this ad to order. Pay by Paypal or Cheque.

Modafinil – AS SEEN ON TV!

Modafinil is indicated for the symptomatic relief of excessive sleepiness associated with:


Obstructive sleep apnoea/hypopnoea syndrome (OSAHS)

Moderate to severe chronic shift work sleep disorder (SWSD).

Excessive sleepiness is defined as difficulty maintaining wakefulness and an increased likelihood of falling asleep in inappropriate situations.

Diagnosis of SWSD should be made according to the International Classification of Sleep Disorders (ICSD) guideline. The moderate to severe subgroup of patients with SWSD for whom Provigil is indicated is defined by the inclusion criteria in the pivotal clinical trials.

Additional information for the safe use of this product

Treatment should be initiated by or under the supervision of a physician with appropriate knowledge of relevant sleep disorders.

PROVIGIL treats the symptom of excessive sleepiness associated with the above conditions. Where appropriate, every effort should be made to treat the underlying condition prior to initiating treatment with PROVIGIL.

In patients with excessive sleepiness due to moderate to severe chronic SWSD, appropriate steps to ensure adequate sleep should be taken prior to determining the requirement for PROVIGIL.

Individual Pills available for £3 each. Shipped within 24h.

Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contracts!

Do you have a poor credit history & yet still need a

mobile phone contract? Look no further.

There is a wonderful Public Limited Company called the

'Utility Warehouse' who offer a deal that could solve all your problems.

I can almost guarantee that you won't already have heard of

them simply because they don't advertise. Instead, they let their unique deal speak for itself and so

word of mouth gets around from happy, satisfied customers. (Plus what they save

on advertising they can afford to pass onto you; the customer, as special offers etc)

So why is their deal for people with poor credit so good?

Because there are no credit checks. None at all.

In order to take advantage of what they are offering and to ultimately get that contract mobile that you're after, you just have to meet the following criteria:

• Be a UK resident

• Have a bank account

• If you order over the web, they will need you to supply

proof of your address.

If you can say yes to those three criteria, then the next

step couldn't be easier!

Thankfully; at long last, poor credit doesn't have to be a huge

problem when it comes to getting a contract mobile phone.

Go to and click


A Friend in Need?

Are you looking for a friend to help, chat to or advise or just to talk

New in town, student, immigrant or local resident, married, single with any issues.

I want to help you out. Please get in touch.

Ask Ross

Is something troubling you? Getting you down? A problem shared is a problem halved.

Here's your chance to get your worries off your chest. If you're having difficulties with relationships, family, work or any other aspect of your life, help is at hand.

For over twenty years I’ve been guiding people towards finding solutions. Drop me a line.

Northampton Dump Runs

Drop me a line if you need anything taken to the tip.

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£25 to see my results so far this year.

Subscriptions available if you like what you see.


Fancy taking non-risk profits from the Bookies every day by taking advantage of some easily accessible loopholes?

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Willing to help a female get pregnant

Hi. I’m a 31yr old male, 6ft, 90kg, willing to help a female have a baby for whatever reason please email and we can discuss.

I have done this before so can talk you through the process if you are nervous.

Need Help Conceiving?

The law does not apply to a 'private' arrangement involving 'fresh' sperm rather than frozen.

Drop me a line.

1000 Ways to Make Cash – Try some today

This blog is dripping with money making schemes - join the ride.

Rent a Friend – NN/ MK


Do you have an evening that you need a friend to go with or just need a night out for a meal or cinema or just a DVD night or even a chat over a coffee?

I am a friendly 31yr old male who can help you out.

We charge £15 per hour and a minimum of two hours have to be paid for in advance.

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Experienced Money Manager Can Help You Out of Debt

Hi, my name is Ross Taylor. In 2008 I was the Highest Grossing Mortgage Adviser in the UK. I’ve since went on to become a Director of a Fast Track 100 company.

I am offering a service which may be able to help you get out a financial rut. Are you working but find that your money is always running out before the end of the month?

By using a system of minimisation and budgeting, I can stop this from happening. Please drop me a line and I’ll give you an idea of what I can do for you.

If I can’t save you any money, I won’t charge. This is a simple, no-lose offer.

Genuine Scottish Food and Drink - Irn Bru, Haggis, the lot!

Think you know about Scotland?

Prove it -

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Great Christmas gift for Quiz Lovers – 1000 Rock Hard Questions

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Fresh Idea - Book Stalls

   This could be a no-brainer.

1. There are thousands of books sitting in store cupboards at my work.
2. There are fetes up and down the country where chavs love to spend their TV tokens (£1 coins)

Hey presto - I sign out books on a Friday afternoon, go to a fete on Saturday and Sunday. Sign remaining stock back in on a Monday, and pay for what I've sold.

Everyone's a winner!

Monday, 30 August 2010

Tesco - Mega Desperado Idea

   If you were getting really desperate, you could collect all the receipts up the people leave in the bins near the tills at Tesco. Sift out all the ones where people haven't used their clubcard and then take those ones to the Customer Services. Tell them that you forgot your card on the day of purchase but that you'd like to claim your clubcard points now. Do this a few times and you'll have enough points to get a half decent shop.

   A bit desperate but when needs must!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Friday Afternoon Comping,24740,9802_2131,00.html$ja=tsid:20881&emailcampaignid=35&_ccCt=9vlqyMHiBD1fgLeoU2NhTV-yKTz-XHjcvcsCom2_NYmnI1ac0SmwDlaq_UkcV-V2

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Pirate Bay Profits

   Have went through Pirate Bay and downloaded all the ebooks which I reckon could potentially sell - weight loss, poker, gambling etc.

   Will get them onto Ebay when I'm allowed back on.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Fresh Idea - Extra Income Stream for Landlords?

  Why don't the Landlord Association get themselves organised and start helping Landlords put Solar Panels on their estates?

   I have 6 propertires. 1 is a flat but the other 5 are houses. I'm sure if I put 5 set of solar panels up then they'd be enough profit from the feed-in tariff to ensure both myself and the Landlord Association made a tidy profit.

   Taking this further, why don't councils look into doing this with their local council properties? Why don't breweries do it with their pub estates?

   If the government were truly serious about dealing with our Carbon footprint then they could come in to subsidise the schemes. In one foul swoop they'd make more difference than 100 years worth of Boris' bikes.

What a nice guy I am - Altruistic offer of help to Wigtown Book Town Traders

Dear Sir,

My name is Ross Taylor and I am the Commercial Manager of a Publishing company called Igloo Book, Northamptonshire. My real passion is second hand books. I often buy jobs lots from Ebay and sell them individually on Amazon.

I am not trying to sell anything; rather I am looking to see if I could do you any favours? I have a Vauxhall Astra Van which could be used for carrying consignments from England to Wigtown or vice versa. I would only charge cost price for this as I am very keen to get more involved in the second hand book trade.

If you have any ideas on how I could possibly help your venture then please let me know. I am open to all ideas.

Kind regards,

Ross Taylor.

In the Sun, In the Sun

   I'm getting one of my letters published in The Sun - I might be get the £10 best letter prize. Stay tuned.

Monster Comping! 17.8.10

I downloaded Roboform today - it is excellent. It really speeds up the comping!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Bright Ideas

* Make and sell compost
* Sports arbitrage - you could make a bomb on this if you had a big enough pot to start with.
* Win on quiz machines - a couple of Oxford Uni graduates travel the country doing this.
* Literary Agent
* Grow and sell organic veg
* Stoozing
* Chaperone
* Parcel acceptance
* B&B
* Kit washing
* Pallets
* Security patrol
* Pressed thistles
* Deliver catalogue items
* Freerolls
* Prize crosswords

I'm in the hat for a new BBC quiz show pilot

Here is my application:

I love quiz shows and have been trying to get on one for over a year. I won't stop trying until I've won a cash prize!

Slow Amazon Success

The sales of "The No-Nonsense Guide to making sure your Child gets an A at Key Stage 2 Maths", are starting to slowly build. I've had 3 sales in the last week alone.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Bits and Bobs

* Disabled Taxi

* Daily Tipster

* Literary Agent

* Stand in a queue for people

* Local classified/ Ebay arbitrage - ie. List stuff from the classifieds on Ebay. If someone on Ebay buys it, then you buy it from the classified.

* Grave care services

* Deal poker games for clubs

* Firewood supply

* Start a B&B

* Make and sell pet food.

* Nappy rental

Fresh Idea - Easy Jobs

When you become unemployed your furst instinct is to get back into work straight away, even if it isn't exactly your dream job. In the UK we have plenty of companies out there who are hiring 365 days a year - if a half decent CV lands on the desk they'll interview. An example of a company like this would be Tesco.

I think a good idea would be to compile a list of companies who work along these lines. Then if you were ever to find yourself in the unfortunate situation of eing laid off, all you'd have to do is run your finger down the list until you found a constantly-hiring company within a reasonable distance of your house.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

On hold until I get to Scotland -

* After Party Cleanup

* Taxi

* Help out with local Darts League

* Leaflet delivery

* Parcel work

* Ochil Hills Mountain Rescue

* Luggage Transfer Service

* Scottish Mentoring Network

* Samaritans

* Ebay Agent

More Bits and Bobs and Bright Ideas

* Guided tours of Scotland - I know Scotland like the back of my hand. I'd love to offer a bespoke tour to American families, totally tailored to their needs. Perhaps a guided tour of the most haunted places in Scotland, or a specific Battlefield tour for Historians.

* Leading hill walk expeditions - as above really

* Bookshop - as per previous posts. Buy job lots of books from Ebay (max price of 5p per book) and then sell individually on Amazon. Once I had 10,000 books in stock I'd consider opening a small high street concern.

* Motorbike recovery - do you need any special equipment, other than a van, to offer a motorbike recovery service?

* Before I was chucked off Ebay I found a profitable little system. Buy items from Poundland which are small enough to fit in a normal envelope (examples - toaster bags, kids stickers) and sell these at £2.50 Free Postage on Ebay. Some folks snapped this up. Every deal made about a pound after fees.

* Achievement newsletter - take an area, get mums and grans to send you details of when their kiddies get their latest scout badge, print it up and deliver it. Raise cash through selling adverts. Bit of a take on the little trade directories which have went through the roof in the last 5 years.

Vendr sites have new addresses!

Go there now and spend lots of money!

Some comping.....

Bet365 Success - £1080

Some Matched Betting Success! I paid £200 into Bet365 generating a £200 free bet. I put the whole £400 on Gothenburg in the UEFA cup. I laid it off to an extent by taking a liability of £573 at Betfair. Gothenburg won leaving me with £1200 in the bank at Bet365. Over the last week I've grown this up to £1853 which can be withdrawn in full when I want.

Total net profit of £1853 - £573 - £200 initial stake = £1080.

Nice day at the office!

Cheapo Hotels

I've mentioned cut-price hotels on this blog a few times so I thought I would quote the article that recently appeared in the Daily Mail:

Malaysian hotel chain Tune Hotels hopes to take on the bloated room rates in London and do for the hotel market what budget airline Ryanair has done for aviation - by charging users extra for every possible thing they can.

The rooms will cost £35 a night for a standard and that gives you a comfy bed power shower and central London location.

But throw in luggage storage and you instantly add £2 getting your room cleaned will add £7.50 and using the hair dryer costs an additional £2 with each towel costing £1.

Brilliant idea - I wish them every success.

Online Businesses

I downloaded a book called 101 businesses you can start from home off Piratebay a few weeks back. Here are the ones I fancied:

* Bookstore
* Business plan writing service
* Coupon site
* E-books
* Online coach
* Web radio

Friday, 13 August 2010

Bits and Bobs

From 400 Latest & Greatest Small Business Ideas:

* Toy rental for kids. Millions of toys are thrown away in the UK each year. Why not collect them up, clean them and rent them back out. Give a proportion of toys to hospitals etc to give the biz a USP.

* Ultra cheap hotels. Someone has just started doing this. It's the sort of thing I'd go for. Say I was going to London for a night out, all I'm bothered about is a bed for the night. I'm not going to watch the TV or use the kettle. I'm not bothered about sharing a toilet.

* Kitchen composters

* Elastic Bookshelves

* Mobile paper shredding.

* After hours beauty salon.

* Sustainable products store

* Inflatable amusements

* Solar Powered vending machines.

* Self storage management

* Specialist B&B's

* Wind turbines for homes - there has been a recent splurge of people putting up solar panels. Mini wind turbins will be next.

* Naturist venue operator.

* Meat Pie Shops

* Band rehearsal space

* Cheap haircuts

* Niche caterer

* Green courier - I'd like to have been doing this already but I've not got any takers so far!

* Errands for pensioners

* Haunted tours

* Small business mentor

* Weight loss buddy

* Mobile tanning salon.

* Mattress disposal and recycling

* Amazon Coach

* Letterbox supervision

* Debt counsellor

* Junk removal

National Lottery In it to win it

I'm in the hat for Dale Winton's Lottery show.

The Chase and Pointless

I'm in the hat for "The Chase" and "Pointless"

A few flying comps

Monday, 9 August 2010

My Three Stage Plan

I have a 3-stage plan that I try to keep two. The three stage's represent sets of business' that I want to use to make me cash. Stage one is either streams which are already on the go, or don't cost anything to set up. Stage 2 is streams which I may wish to leave for a little while into the future, or may cost a little more to set up. Stage 3 is the last section, and usually require some capital.

Stage 1

Property rent - ongoing and residual.
Second Hand Books
Utility Warehouse

Stage 2

Debt Collecting
Mystery Shopping
Leaflet Delivery
Letting Agent

Stage 3

Used Cars
Hotpoint Willie

From reading my posts, you'll know that I've got a lot of these on the go at the moment. I'm starting to think that I should perhaps start putting any of the profits from these endeavours into a separate bank account so that I can see the value of whayt I am doing and create a motivator out of this.

I reckon I've got everything on the go from this list that I could possibly have at this point (other than leaflets which I want to leave at the moment).

Runningball is a no-go

Dear Ross Taylor,

Thank you again for applying for working as a Scout for Soccer and for doing the Entrance Exams at our website.

You had the following results at the exams:

Soccer/Football Exam
Soccer/Football - Knowledge -> 23 point(s) out of 25
Soccer/Football - Terms -> 5 point(s) out of 6
English Exam
Reading Soccer/Football -> 4 point(s) out of 6
Letter Of Motivation -> 1 point(s) out of 1 (Evaluation good)

These results and our low need for Soccer Scouts in your area have brought us to the decision not to employ you as a Scout now.

However, we do hope that we can contact you if the state of affairs has altered.

All the best for your future!

Amazonian Ladies - £53.58 in the bank

Dear, We initiated a transfer to your checking account (last three digits 130) of £53.58 on 09/08/2010. Funds usually arrive within 6 to 10 working days, but times vary by bank.

Friday, 6 August 2010

What have I started - what Bright Ideas are still to get kicked off?

1. Boot Camp - my idea is to do a business boot camp. Small teams. PC each. Cheap entry but I get a share of future earnings.I show the kids how to reduce household bills and invest it into cashflow positive instruments. Basic Kiyosaki stuff.

2. Seasonal store - my idea is to buy bankrupt/ dirt cheap seasonal stock from suppliers and then move from town to town selling it. For example, I could get a store in the summer at a holiday resort to sell summer lines.

3. Swag Man - as above.

4. House-sitting - reckon this would need more time available than what I can give at the moment. I'd be good at this though. Would treat any clients place like a palace.

5. Letting Agent - If I could build my stock up to 20 or so in Clackmannanshire I'd start a website and look for other landlords that I could manage for. I'd get a store front to put a display in their window so that I had some sort of online presence. My hidden agenda would be to make all tenants sign a UW contract. Not a lot of cash to set up, but could provide a nice monthly income.

6. UW guaranteed contracts - I've had ads for these running for ages but no takers as of yet.

7. Storage - two pronged attack. One option would be to get old storage containers and use a portion of my farm (which I don't own yet!). The other option would be to actually use one of my rental properties. This may sound crazy, but as the cost of storage rises, there may come a time when I'd make more money using a property as a storage unit than as a home.

8. Betfair Mutual (own profit) - The Betfair bank is currently somewhere around £700 after peaking near £1100, and starting from £10 on the 27th March. The football season is just about to start back up again, and I'm sure I'll be able to build to a tidy sum once again.

9. Selling tips - I've tentatively placed an ad regarding selling tips, but I'm kinda glad no-one has responded. My betting style is almost solely in-play. Someone would have to be watching in order to get a bet on. The only other way would be for me to reveal my systems.

10. Betfair Mutual (management fees) - I need to get the bank to a more aspirational level before having any hope of people investing in me.

More to come. has gone transatlantic

I've now got an ad for on Craigslist New York.

Yet another leaflet delivery call!

Yesterday I had a voicemail asking me to get in touch regarding the delivery of 20,000 leaflets!

Let me remind you it has now been 9months since I last advertised.

The girl with the big bum obliged with an extra pic

If you don't ask you don't get.

I'm on the verge of a good thing

My last attempt at Matched betting wasn't a great success, however things seem to have worked out better this time.

I put £200 in Bet365 generating a £200 free bet. I put the whole £400 on Gothenberg to bt AZ Alkmaar in the UEFA Cup at 2/1. I laid my £200 stake at Betfair.

Gothernberg won giving me a £1200 balance at Bet365 and a £537 loss at Betfair. At the moment I am £463 up on the deal - but unfortunately you have to keep betting at Bet365 in order to get your cash out.

I've built the £1200 up to £1260 through low odds on bets, but I'm unsure of what to do now. If I withdraw the £600 that Betfair will allow me to, I'll only be £63 up on the deal.

If there are any Maths wizards out there, please give me a hand!


I originally posted this almost 2 years ago - but it's still true today:

Surveys - The Truth
I am offended by the amount of junk email, pop ups, and safelist adverts I get telling me that Surveys are a valid "Work at Home" plan. There is just no way on Earth that anyone is making a living by doing online surveys, and I be pushed to believe that anyone is making any significant second income this way at all. Here is how I got on from an Evening of survey taking:

Opinion World - 15 mins; entry into a prize draw.
Ciao - 11mins; should have been credited £1 but it's never appeared.
Ciao - 2mins; survey has reached maximum participants.
Ciao - 2mins; survey has reached maximum participants.
New Vista - 2mins; enough people with my profile already.
Opinion World - 2mins; survey now closed.
Pinecone - 20mins; £3! Hooray!
Global Test Market - 2mins; Survey closed.
Global Test Market - 2mins; knocked out because of my occupation.
Ciao - 2mins; survey now closed.
Opinion World - 2mins; knocked out because I didn't want to take out a secured loan in the next 6 months.
Ciao - 2mins; kicked out because I am not a company decision maker.
Toluna - 2mins; survey closed.
Toluna - 2mins; kicked off because I don't rent my property.
Ipsos - 10mins; unclear on whether I have won anything or not!
Toluna - 2mins; survey closed.
Global Test Market - 2mins; kicked off because I haven't taken a flight in the last year.
Toluna - 2mins; not part of target group required.
Opinion World - 2mins; survey now closed

Overall then, I spent one and a half hours to earn £3 in Tesco Vouchers. I've not cherrypicked the above surveys. This is genuine! In over 1 year of doing Ciao surveys I've amassed an amazing £2.79!

I firmly believe that most of the online survey sites are actually just fronts to try and sell you stuff. Never, under any circumstances pay to join them!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

A treat for you.......

Just to keep up with this blog's very random mixture of money making and soft porn, here are some pics for you. Taken from Gumtree of all places.

Trying to win an Ipod - with a hidden agenda

I've entered 25 competitions in order to try and win Vicki an Ipod. If we can win an Ipod then I can sell the stereo we have, and hopefully also the ridiculously huge sideboard that Vicki bought from Ikea when we moved in.

200 Ways to Save Cash

The often forgotten way of making money is by saving it in the first place. I came across an interesting article the other day related to this:

- install a programmable thermostat.
- insulate your attic.
- turn off the lights in rooms you are no longer using.
- dont turn on the heat/ac until you just can’t take it anymore.
- don’t leave the water running while brushing your teeth or washing dishes.
- take quick showers.
- install low-flow toilets.
- use white curtains/blinds to reflect heat away from your home in the summer.
- use a de-humidifier to reduce moisture in the home and make it feel cooler.
- install an energy-efficent dishwasher.
- clean out the lint trap in your dryer.
- install an energy-efficent washer and dryer.
- install CFL lightbulbs.
- use ceiling fans, floor fans and space heaters.
- turn the oven off during the last few minutes of cooking – there’s still enough heat in there to keep stuff cooking.
- cook in batches – only use the oven once per day, or less.
- use your dishwasher/washing machine/dryer at non-peak hours.
- use cold water when you run the washing machine.
- use a toaster oven for baking small meals.
- install a low-flow showerhead.
- line-dry your clothing.
- use a crockpot.
- unplug appliances that are not in use.
- insulate hot water heater/pipes.
- during the winter months, leave your oven door open when you are done using it to help heat your house. don’t do this if you have small children around!
- fill empty spots in fridge/freezer with jugs of water. this saves on operating costs when they are full.
- clean refridgerator coils a few times per year.
- use power strips.
- caulk around doors, windows and baseboards.
- install weather stripping.
- install storm windows and doors.
- only run full loads (laundry machine, dishwasher).
- close the vents in rooms you are not using.
- open your windows for fresh air.
- air dry dishes.
- if you must use sprinklers for your lawn, use timers.
- wear clothing twice before washing, unless they are very dirty.
- wash hoodies/sweatshirts that just get thrown on over top of something only a few times per month, unless they are very dirty.

- use coupons!
- make your own cleaning products.
- shop once a week and with a list.
- stock up when things go on sale.
- save your receipts – watch the sales the week or two after you shop. say you buy a bag of potatoes for 2.97 and the next week they go on sale for 1.97 – you can go to customer service and get a price adjustment and get that $1 back that you paid the week before!
- carry a small calculator in your bag.
- if you purchase a product that is defective in some way, contact the manufacturer. they will likely send coupons, sometimes for a FREE product. please don’t abuse this!
- send away for Mail In Rebates.
- use cloth napkins.
- cut dryer sheets in half.
- make your own jam.
- use conditioner as shaving cream.
- add water to your handsoap, shampoo, conditioner, dish soap.
- clean windows with newspaper instead of paper towels.
- make double of a few of your favorite meals, then freeze half for the night you don’t have the energy to cook or your sick.
- cut dish detergent tabs in half.
- understand price matching and scanning code of practice
- quit using fabric softener all together, you don’t need it.
- use plastic containers instead of plastic bags for storing leftovers.
- while shopping, look at the top and bottom shelves. this is usually where clearance items end up.
- you can also find clearance items on the very ends of aisles, farthest away from the flow of traffic.
- when it comes to buying dairy, meat and produce – try picking the items at the back. older stuff is usually moved to the front, and the items in back are often fresher.
- ask for a raincheck if a store is out of an advertised special.
- chop, slice and shred stuff yourself. produce, cheese – all of that good stuff.
- bring your lunch to work.
- eat at home, instead of restaraunts.
- make your own pizza.
- don’t buy bottled water (use a filter).
- stop wasting fruit! when your fruit is ripe, if you know you probably wont be able to eat it all before it goes bad, pop it in the freezer and use them later in fruit drinks and smoothies!
- use powdered milk for cooking.
- use a dishtowel instead of paper towels.
- use half of the recommended laundry detergent.
- bring your own reuseable bags to the grocery store to avoid paying for plastic ones.
- buy produce in season.
- make your own bread.
- cook from scratch.
- make your own coffee.
- shop at local farmers markets.
- buy store brands.
- plan meals according to what is on sale.
- eat less meat.
- make your own baby food.
- grow your own produce/herbs.
- make your own chicken broth.

- carpool!
- walk whenever possible.
- use public transportation.
- get your oil changed every 4 months instead of 3.
- combine errands.
- wash your own car.
- fill your vehicles’ tires with air.
- pay a higher deductible.
- remove anything unnecessary from the trunk. the more weight that’s in your trunk, the more fuel you are using.
- buy a fuel efficient car.
- keep up with routine car maintenance.
- use your A/C on the highway and roll down the windows on the main roads.
- use cruise control.
- replace dirty air filters in your vehicles.
- don’t warm up your car by letting it idle.
- park in the shade.
- do not accelerate or drive fast.
- buy a used vehicle instead of new.
- pay for gas at the pump, to avoid temptations in the store.

- borrow books/movies/cds from the library.
- read your favourite magazines online instead of buying the actual copy.
- use a service like to rent movies.
- eat out less.
- go to restaraunts that offer a free meal on your birthday (up to 1 week).
- play board games.
- use an entertainment book.
- go out for lunch instead of dinner.
- go out for dessert instead of dinner.
- bring home leftovers to have for lunch the next day.
- watch movies at home instead of the theatre.
- eat out at KIDS EAT FREE places.
- have a few drinks at home before clubbing!
- go to a bar/club that doesn’t have a cover charge.
- when you have people over for dinner or lumch, make it a potluck.

- instead of shopping for maternity clothing, consider buying regular clothing in a size or two larger than you usually do.
- shop the thrift store.
- don’t put bras/underwear in the dryer, the heat breaks down the elastic and wears them out that much faster.
- avoid ‘dry clean only’ clothing.
- stay away from trends. their life is usually very short. stick to basic lines that will look good forever.
- remove stains as quickly as possible.
- shop out of season for the best deals.
- check the clearance racks.
- never pay full price for clothing, there are ALWAYS sales.

- cut pantiliners in half to serve as breast pads. they are just as absorbent, but cost much less
- don’t buy breast milk storage bags. just pour breast milk into ice cube trays. once frozen, pop them out and store them in freezer bags.
- dont use lanolin creams for cracked/dry nipples. just rub some breast milk on the nipple and let it air dry for about 10 minutes.
- using formula? join formula manufacturers’ mailing lists to receive coupons and free samples.
- purchase store brand formula instead of name brand.
- don’t buy burp pads. just use a dishtowel or small swaddling blanket.
- wash and reuse swim diapers for small children (unless they have been peed or pooped in!). just don’t put them in the dryer – air dry only.
- instead of using teething rings for baby, use a wet washcloth. the cool wet water feels good on their gums
- if you plan on having more children, buy highchairs, strollers, carseats, etc. in neutral colours. same goes for certain types of clothing such as shoes and jackets.
- diaper bags are expensive. use a backpack or a large tote bag.
- instead of buying a traditional high chair, consider buying a booster seat that straps to a dining room chair.
- instead of purchasing a changing table, consider using a dresser with a thick, portable change pad on top.
- don’t use character backpacks/lunchboxes that you will just have to replace when the next new character fave comes along. buy solid colours/simple designs.
- take advantage of all the wonderful clubs, teams, and activities that are offered through your public schools.
- use cloth diapers.
- breastfeed.
- diaper genies are a waste of money! use a garbage can.

- reuse the rubber bands and plastic bags that newspapers/flyers are delivered in.
- re-use tissue paper and wrapping paper.
- re-use scrap paper for lists and little notes.
- use rechargable batteries.
- reuse baby wipe containers and facial tissue boxes for storing plastic bags.
- use plastic grocery bags for garbage, soiled diapers, cat litter.
- make curtains out of bedsheets.
- make a rain barrel to collect water for your garden.

- learn how to sew.
- visit scratch & dent wearhouses for appliances.
- send invitations to events via email to save on postage.
- buy holiday items the day after the holiday – stock up for the next year.
- buy store brand/generic medications, they are just as effective.
- save your receipts! if an item falls apart or is in rough shape when you open the packaging, you can return it to the stores alot easier if you have a receipt.
- negotiate all large purchases.
- sign up for rewards programs.
- shop around (car insurance, cable companies, etc.).
- switch to a no-fee bank.
- pay your bills on time to avoid late fees.
- borrow from friends/family.
- shop at the dollar store.
- have a monthly budget.
- cut your own/families hair.
- don’t own a gym membership.
- shop for holiday and birthday gifts year-round.
- sell stuff on ebay, craigslist or kijiji.
- have a yard sale.
- quit smoking.
- use up flexible spending account (fsa) money.
- pass on extended warranties.
- check over all bills for mistakes.
- pay yourself first. start saving!
- get & stay out of debt.
- use swagbucks.
- learn how to negotiate.
- use freecycle.
- stop buying cookbooks. there are many recipe sites online.
- don’t use ATMs that are not part of your banks system.
- shop factory outlet stores.
- give the give of time. car washing, baby sitting, cut the grass.
- keep a cooler with snacks & drinks in the car if you will be out for awhile.
- instead of hiring a company to clean your carpets, rent a machine and do it yourself.
- sign up for freebies.
- look for free stuff at the side of the road!
- save all of your change.
- pay bills online, save on stamps.
- use a digital camera instead of film and only print the really good photos.
- when you stay at hotels, take home the little toiletries.
- call credit card company and ask them to lower your interest rate.
- learn to say no.
- maintain minimum balance in bank account to waive monthly fees.
- stop gambling! casinos, scratch tickets, lottery tickets are a waste of moolah.

- don’t own a pet.
- bathe your own pets.
- buy flea protection online instead of from the vet.
- instead of expensive pet toothpaste, try mixing together baking sode with a little bit of water.

- refinance your mortgage.
- get rid of your house phone if you have a cellphone.
- cut out the cable, or just get basic cable.
- buy/rent a smaller home.
- cut unnecessary services like caller ID and call waiting.
- get a roomate.
- call cable/phone/internet company twice a year to see if there are any special promotions.
- bundle cable/phone/internet, if possible.
- buy home and auto insurance from the same company.