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Friday, 24 December 2010

Win! Win! Win!

   Since my last post have won:

Jackie Collins book
Atherton's Ashes by Michael Atherton
Cats & Dogs Double Bill DVD

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Fresh idea - a network of Thrift Shops

   Reuse centres seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment. These sheds contain basically grot - but grot in a good cause. As an island nation Britain needs to learn how to deal with its waste pronto.

   Reuse centres play a small but neccesary part of the cycle. Good, usuable stuff shouldn't be going into the ground.

   As a reuse centre owner though, you'd probably find that some items will sell well, whereas others will sit for ages (like any retail). In other areas of the country, the ratio of products in feast or famine may change, and the popular items might differ.

   My idea is to open a central hub for reuse centres where items are stockpiled and then sold cheaply around the country. Margins wouldn't be great, but if a low cost model is used, and governmental grants are sought then it would be a worthy social enterprise.


  • Collected both the chairs last night. Taking one chair to Cantebury tonight.
  • Entered another doz comps.
  • Putting stereo, printer and a couple of antique books on Ebay to sell.
  • Betfair absolute profit now well over £1100 for the year.
  • Arranged to collect one doz books from a Freecycle donater.
  • Listed a doz ads on Gumtree, including one promoting my empty van coming back from Scotland at the weekend.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Shiply goes wild!

   Have got two Shiply runs this weekend:

  • Taking an armchari to Peterhead.
  • Taking a chair to Cantebury.

Another win!

When I went home at dinnertime we had an envelope waiting for Stevie Taylor. It was another competition win – this time a DVD double bill of Cats & Dogs, and Cats & Dogs 2.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Sales of my own books - £86 so far, reckon Dec-10 will be the best month.

November, 2010 Total

01-Nov-2010 - Zero-Rated Products [Show] £ 31.33

Sales £ 31.33


October, 2010 Total

01-Oct-2010 - Zero-Rated Products [Show] £ 35.77

Sales £ 35.77


September, 2010 Total

01-Sep-2010 - Zero-Rated Products [Show] £ 7.11

Sales £ 7.11


August, 2010 Total

01-Aug-2010 - Zero-Rated Products [Show] £ 10.22

Sales £ 10.22


June, 2010 Total

01-Jun-2010 - Zero-Rated Products [Show] £ 2.00

Sales £ 2.00

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Nice wee win

   Nice win yesterday - Sex and the City 2 Collectors Edition DVD.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Query to the bird at amillionjobstodo.......

Have you ever thought about hiring your own car out? Like the do at Whip Car. How do you think you could make sure all insurance requirements?