Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Lead Sales

   Ok - so you've got a little leaflet business on the go and you also buy BMV property (see older posts). If you're worth your salt then you are going to be getting your delivery guys to pop your lead generation leaflets in alongside the paid stuff.

   Another dribble to add to my previous list would be to sell unwanted to leads to the Pro outfits up and down the country.

Haven't lifted a finger in months - yet Amazon cash still rolls in

The following payment has been made by Amazon. It will be paid by bank transfer directly into your bank account.

It can take up to five business days for the funds to appear in the available balance of your bank account. Please allow until after that time before reporting your Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment as late or missing.

Payment made to: ROCK HARD BOOKS(ROCFZ)

Our Supplier No.: 11910749

Paid to bank: Hidden for security

Paid to account: Hidden for security

Payment number: 439269

Payment date: 27-SEP-11

Payment currency: GBP

Payment amount: 12.44

Invoice Number Invoice Date Invoice Description Discount Taken Amount Paid

07/2011 PMT-ROCFZ-1889311-SA 04-AUG-11 ROCFZ-07/01/2011-07/31/2011 ADVANTA 12.44

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Football Stats

   A few weeks back I started off doing football stats but unfortunately things have ground to a halt as my local Tesco has stopped selling the RFO. What's going on?


   Have been having computer issues over the last few weeks so apologies for the lack of posts. Let me come back with a bang with a list of the dribbles:

  1. Security Work.
  2. Delivering Booze to doors.
  3. Shifts on Local Radio.
  4. Appear on TV Quiz shows.
  5. Car Boot Sales.
  6. Pub Quiz Nights.
  7. Run a Market Stall.
  8. Fulfillment by Amazon.
  9. Surveillance work.
  10. Work as a Private Detective.
  11. Manage Darts Players.
  12. Rent out Band Rehearsal space.
  13. Earn through
  14. Remove Grafitti for money.
  15. Sweep Car Parks.
  16. Run errands.
  17. Sell through the small ads.
  18. Work as a "Neighbourhood Worker" (Council anti-job often advertised)
  19. Get a part time job at Waterstones.
  20. Make and sell Baby Food (plenty of recipes on the net).
  21. Collect and trade autographs.
  22. Play Blackjack for profit.
  23. Keep writing the Self Pub books (easy money).
  24. Collect Pallets to make bits which can be sold.
  25. General Amazon selling.
  26. Mystery Shopping.
  27. Run a B&B.
  28. Deliver organic veg boxes.
  29. Professional Comping.
  30. Matched Betting.
  31. Be someones Weight Loss Buddy.
  32. Doll up used Garden Furniture and resale.
  33. Run a consignment shop (could start online).
  34. Postman work.
  35. Deliver IKEA orders.
  36. "" - list location of local skips online.
  37. Part time work at the local library.
  38. Courier work.
  39. Rental income.
  40. Sunbed hire.
  41. Shiply.
  42. Regular Betfair income.
  43. Fancy Dress Hire.
  44. Taxi work.
  45. Specialist disabled taxi work.
  46. Make and sell Dog biscuits.
  47. Pink Limo hire.
  48. Wedding and Party Chip Van.
  49. Business Boot Camps.
  50. Skip Hire business.
  51. Jean Genie (Jean resale).
  52. Hi Lo Martingale system.
  53. Solar Panels on my rental houses.
  54. House Clearance Business.
  55. Open a Thrift shop.
  56. Drive and deliver cars for a dealership.
  57. Part time Steward work.
  58. Part time Merchandiser work.
  59. Make and sell soft drinks.
  60. Online ticket touting.
  61. Make and sell compost.
  62. Make and sell Tomato Ketchup.
  63. Tour Guide work.
  64. Tutoring.
  65. Open a nanobrewery.
  66. Darts Prizemoney.
  67. Do a Provident round.
  68. Voiceover work.
  69. Pooper Scooper work.
  70. Babysitting.
  71. Buy and sell old Football shirts.
  72. Write and sell Pub quizzes.
  73. Sell Pressed Thistles online.
  74. Take the photos for local Estate Agents.
  75. Do Inventories for local Letting Agents.
  76. Blogging income.
  77. Sell stock photos.
  78. "Scotland's Showroom" idea.
  79. Fostering.
  80. Freelance Sales work.
  81. Resell job lots from Ali Baba.
  82. Write and sell jokes.
  83. Make and sell Gift Baskets.
  84. Casino Deposit whoring.
  85. Open a 24hr gym.
  86. Become a Youtube partner.
  87. On-Course Arbitrage idea.
  88. "Letter to the Editor" prizemoney.
  89. Poker Propping fees.
  90. Lowball Cars idea.
  91. Part time Cleaner work.
  92. Casual Driver for local council.
  93. Work as a Personal Trainer.
  94. Do Cash loans.
  95. Copy "Million things to do".
  96. Do Comedy busking.
  97. Manage Inventroy for companies of a Freelance basis.
  98. Salvage, clean up and resell Doors.
  99. Hotpoint Willie.
  100. Open a Laundry.
  101. Wedding Day Ice Cream Van.
  102. Deliver Leaflets.
  103. Utility Warehouse.
  104. E-Lottery.
  105. Become a Local Councillor.
  106. Open a Doss House.
  107. Do Dog Walking.
  108. Run a Compers Co-Op.
  109. Enter Poker free-rolls.
  110. Back/Lay Ante Post system.
  111. Betfair Referal fees.
  112. Bingo Caller work.
  113. Rent out Bouncy Castles and other inflatables.
  114. Newspaper clipping.
  115. Create a Tough Guy Endurance course.
  116. Open a Seasonal Pop Up shop.
  117. Carry out sensitive business matters for people.
  118. Money Manager Idea.
  119. Sports Arbitrage.
  120. Property Manager for Landlords.
  121. Part Time HGC driving work.
  122. Deliver for Catalogue companies.
  123. Collect and sell Firewood.
  124. Luggage Transfer service for walkers.
  125. Open a Self Storage site.
  126. "Pound Lines" idea.
  127. Do a Moorcroft round.
  128. Stag Evening tour idea.
  129. Run an OAP check-in service.
  130. Complain for Profit.
  131. Become a Business Mentor.
  132. Get an outfit and be a mascot at Children's party.
  133. Be a Shopper (local paper) Agent. i.e. deliver bundles to the Paper Boys.
  134. Offer a Chaperone service for worried parents.
  135. "Clicks for Cash"
  136. Exam monitor work.
  137. Vote counting.
  138. TV Extra work.
  139. Mailbox rental service.
  140. Creative reuse.
  141. Declutter Service.
  142. Unusual Holiday Cottages.
  143. Grow and sell Cactus (hallucinogenic??)
  144. Freebie whoring.
  145. Wedding Photo Booth idea.
  146. Important building Guardian.
  147. Build and rent log cabins.
  148. "Reuse town" idea.
  149. Groceries Driver.
  150. Onboard courier work.
  151. BMV deals.
  152. Appt only Bookshop.
  153. Board Count for Estate Agents.
  154. Cheap clothes for big men.
  155. Sell Debt Management leads.
  156. House sitting.
  157. Sell via Green Metropolis.
  158. "Continuous Recruitment" idea.
  159. Holiday cover/ temping.
  160. Take an ice cream cycle to events.
  161. Run Sedona classes.
  162. Quidco.
  163. Run a cafe which serves Scotland's Biggest Breakfast.
  164. Z-List Meet and Greet idea.
  165. Reader service.
  166. Sign up at "Ask the Answer".
  167. General Ebay sales.
  168. Social media update service.
  169. Run an HMO.
  170. Do stand up comedy.
  171. DHL/ Yodel work.
  172. Write and sell a Gazeteer of Scotland.
  173. "Avril Harper 5am Moneymaker" idea.
  174. Do Opposition reports.
  175. Open your own lettings agency.
  176. Make "Directors Cut"-style comedy videos.
  177. Lap-dance Limo.
  178. Banksy idea.
  179. Write articles for companies.
  180. Run a Green Cemetery.
  181. Source and sell rare foods online.
  182. Make and sell your own energy drinks.
  183. Lease option deals.
  184. Matched betting adviser/ sponsor.
  185. Make and sell Apple Cider Vinegar.
  186. Run a Business Breakfast club.
  187. Freelance stock take services.
  188. Offer Counselling services.
  189. Win prizes on OLBG.
  190. Offer a Squatter Alert service.
  191. Run a honeytrap.
  192. Do the Avril #2 idea.
  193. Run a Pedicab buisness.
  194. Offer Mobile Oil Change service.
  195. Run a College Course.
  196. Offer a 24hr Daycare service.
  197. Do under-the-counter product reviews for cash.
  198. Gamesmaster idea.
  199. Wedding Dress Wholesale.
  200. Hotel rooms by the hour.
  201. Clubcard scam.
  202. Daily Tipster.
  203. Sustainable Products Store.
  204. Online Surveys.
  205. Alibis service.
  206. Lottery Syndicate.
  207. Run a Publishing service for would be authors.
  208. "Brendon Bass" idea.
  209. Body Building Prize Money.
  210. Brewdog.
  211. Business Plan Review service.
  212. Nightwatch work.
  213. Flag Pole Idea.
  214. Hippy Van Hire.
  215. Sell Poppers and other Legal Highs.
  216. Bothy rental for hikers.
  217. Strongman Gym.
  218. Terry Nappies business.
  219. Make and sell Cider.
  220. Online Agony Aunt service.
  221. Run an Off-Grid camp.
  222. Usborne Books.
  223. Stoozing.
  224. Read Tarot cards.
  225. Write Joke Books.
  226. Grave tending service.
  227. Make and sell Artizan chocolate.
  228. Licensed Trade Co-Op.
  229. Tradeplate driving.
  230. FTSE betting system (need to perfect this).
  231. The Pound Food Shop.
  232. Ghost Hunter/ Paranormal services.
  233. Rent fixtures to Pop Up Shops.
  234. Athletic Scout.
  235. Charges females for Muscle worship sessions.
  236. Set up a Basic camp site.
  237. Run a talent agency.
  238. Become a business angel.
  239. Collect old cuddly toys, clean them up and resell.
  240. Craigslist gigs.
  241. Consignment Gallery.
  242. Property Syndicate.
  243. Despatch Operative work.
  244. Run a Calendar Club concession.
  245. Work as a car repo agent.
  246. Make and sell crisps.
  247. Medical trials.
  248. Collect stuff from Freecycle and then resell.
  249. Santa work.
  250. Hot tub hire.
  251. Weigh and Save outlet.
  252. Scotland's hottest sauna.
  253. Concierge/ Reminder service.
  254. Work as a Milkman.
  255. Deliver Takeaways.
  256. Beg via "gofundme".
  257. Pick and sell Wildflower Bouquets.
  258. Make money by Trading on Betfair.
  259. Do part-time Meter reading.
  260. Create Recipes books.
  261. Run a Pies by Post business.
  262. Take and sell Papp pics.
  263. Run an Artists retreat.
  264. Offer a Revenge service.

Well you can't really argue with that can you? 264 dribbles for you to use to make Money. £100 apiece gets you £26,400 in a year.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Refund from Dominos

Dear Ross

Thank you for your comments they are very much appreciated.

Having checked your order I can see that this order was placed on the regular priced menu.

If you wish to take advantage of the “mega deal” then please click on the deals section at the top left hand of the screen which will take you to all the deals within your local store.

In, the mean time, I will send a voucher out to you for £7. To the address given on the order which will cover the additional cost of this order, but this will take 10-14 days.