Friday, 26 August 2011

Wozniacki is the Bismarck of the week

   Caroline Wozniacki is the Adrian Lewis of tennis (that is until Lewis won the World Champs). I really can't see her winning anything. She's never really seriously challenged for a Slam Event. She's sixth favourite or so for the US Open, and there are a good 5 or 6 players below her in the book that have more drive. On top of all this she's just fell in love with Curly Boy McIlroy. My bet of the week is to lay Wozniacki in the US Open at 19.5.

Big Brother System

   Long time Blog fans may remember my Big Brother system which has worked very well over the years. Basically, as Big Brother is just a popularity contest, all you need to do is find the biggest poll online and bet along with the findings. Here is tonights example:

Celebrity Big Brother eviction: Who do you want to SAVE?

Kerry 50.0%

Sally 29.7%

Bobby 20.3%

   This is a bit of a bum example as the poll was "who do you want to save" rather than "who do you want to evict", which is a subtle but huge difference. In light of this, I laid Kerry Katona being evicted at 12 to 1.

   Honestly, someone with balls and brains could make a fortune from Big Brother betting.

Autograph Hunting

   Some interesting autograph hunting advice from Lewis Geary:

   If you fancy starting your own autograph collection (maybe with the aim of having something worth a fortune in the future - maybe for your retirement, or your kids...?), follow these pointers from a professional autograph hunter:

Why you should always carry white cards around with you

- If you live or work in a major city and are serious about

collecting signatures then it is worth carrying a couple of

white cards in your pocket just in case. It's virtually

impossible to walk around Soho for example, without

bumping in to at least two celebrities, and they are

usually very happy to oblige if you're polite and don't

take up too much time.

- If you know a cabby, ask him out for a pint! If you know

a cabbie and he picks up fares in town, pack him with

white cards and ask him to ask for you. Cabbies are

generally well loved, and a celebrity, even a notoriously

picky one, will usually say yes, because they feel

comfortable and safe in the cab.

- Go to a bookshop. There are now many signings in the

major bookshops and, as long as you buy a book, the

signature's easy AND FREE. If you're able to, try and

get a picture of the star too. If you decide to sell for a

handsome profit, the photo can be used as evidence -

though there's no evidence that it's THAT book they're

signing. Don't be too greedy. I saw one guy pounce on

Paul McCartney with armfuls of CDs, pictures and

records that it looked like he'd spent his whole life

collecting. Needless to say, ONE CD was signed

- Just ask! Many celebrities will send you their

autographs for nothing, if you write to the show that

they appear in (you won't generally have to worry

about the secretaries doing these ones!)

- Never forget the markets and car boots. About ten

years ago a friend of mine was walking around a market

in the West Country asking if anyone had autograph

books. One guy said he had one from the forties and

fifties, which a girl had kept at the stage door of her

local theatre.

There were many stars of the day in there but the reason for the £180 price tag was a page with Laurel and Hardy on it.

Sounds a lot, but the value of that one photo nowadays...?

Around £800-£1200. Not a bad profit for one day at a car

boot sale.

I hope that's given you a little inspiration to look past the usual ways to make money and search turn something you're interested in into a source of income - maybe not today or tomorrow, but in a few years time. Because a few years time is going to whiz past faster than we expect.

Possible FTSE success

 I was tempted to give some FTSE betting a try after reading "Bets and the City". Have made 23 bets with 22 winners over 3 days. Still not wholly convinced of my system so would like a full day of running it to see.

"Bets and the City" by Sally Nicholl

   Just finished reading "Bets and the City" by Sally Nicholl, which I would heartily recommend for anyone interested in Spread Betting or trading in the financial markets. Like any book dealing with a slightly technical subject, it takes a while to get going as the intricacies of getting set up are told. The author manages to keep it interesting though with flashes of her life outside the computer room.

   There was one section that particularly piqued my interest. The author was meeting some City Hotshot. He gave advice which I think should closely match what I'm trying to do on betfair:

"His hedge fund has $30 million under management - that makes it relatively small - and it aims to make a profit of 1% per month, which compounds to 15% per year. He works with 3 colleagues and between them they open or close an average of 3 trades per day."

   Focus, Rule#1, Zulu Principle. - Keep it tight, and don't lose money. That is the order of the day.

Stat Attack 26.8.11

   Haven't bought a RFO this week so just going to move last week's stats along slightly.

Man Utd - long unbeaten run at home. Lay Arsenal at 7.8.
Man Utd have scored first in their last 21 home games. Lay Arsenal score first at 4.1.
Southampton on a long unbeaten run. Lay Leicester at 2.46.
West Brom have gone an age since last 0-0 draw. Lay 0-0 at 11.5.
Newly promoted teams have a piss poor record against top half Prem sides. Lay Norwich at 19.5 in their game against Chelsea.

Ok - that makes this week's bet to lay Leicester at home in their game against Southampton. £5 bet taken. Liability equals £7.40.

Will report back.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Water good idea

   How come no-one has yet invented a system of storing Gutter run-off to use for flushing toilets?

Avril Haprer Excerpt - Some Wise Words here....... #AVRIL2

- Go to Click ‘Buy’ in the top right of the screen and then click ‘Browse Categories’. On the next page choose a category, then a sub-category. Now search for Top Rated Sellers with Buy It Now listings for products you might enjoy selling. Click on one or two listings and study the numbers sold at the right of ‘Quantity’.

- If sales are high from one listing, I’d say 100 or more in two months is good, head over to Alibaba - - it’s one of the world’s most reliable product sourcing portals, where you can access many thousands of different products from reliable suppliers. This reliability is what makes Alibaba a good place to source products - the company keeps careful tabs on its product suppliers and bars any that prove unsatisfactory.

There are countless other places to start your product search, including my own personal favourite The Secret Source Finder

- Key the details of eBay’s top selling products into the search box of your chosen product sourcing sites.

Study the wholesale prices against those fetched on eBay to determine the likely potential profit per sale. Study discounts on products purchased in bulk, which add to your profit margins.

- Contact the sellers and ask permission to use their images and product details in your eBay listings. I’ve only been refused once.

- Choose as many products as you have time to handle and list them on eBay. Use auction listings to determine prices people are willing to pay, and how many orders ensue for specific price levels. This information helps you determine demand and profit potential for subsequent multi-product Buy It Now listings that allow you to offer hundreds of similar products inside one listing for the same price as a one product listing at auction.

- As soon as bids appear contact wholesalers and get them to put stock aside for your test marketing exercise. Most will agree as long as you tell them you’ll be buying stock in bulk later.

- When auctions end, invoice your winning bidder and send Second Chance Offers to unsuccessful bidders whose offers also generate profit for you.

- Isolate products that do make money from those that don’t - add the former to your permanent inventory and dismiss the rest.

Note: You must do constant checks on permanent inventory to ensure profits stay high. It’s also a good idea to do further checks on products that fall slightly below your profit expectations to see if changes to your listing might generate higher profits later.

- Take payment for goods sold in your test listings, buy sufficient stock to fulfil orders, use profits to pay your eBay and PayPal fees, spend the remainder on stock for future listings.

- Make replenishment of stock from profits your main priority and look for products that at least double your investment after overheads. This allows you to double your wealth every time you acquire new stock. So as long as the market for your products remains constant, or grows, you could end up with a multi-million pound turnover business in less than one year. Much less if you’re really keen.

To prove it, this is how a little capital reinvested in more stock over several weeks (or months if you’re working alone or part-time), adds up to a quick and easy fortune. This works where you begin with £100 capital and week one finds you making and reinvesting £200 in stock (original investment plus £100 profit), week two’s investment is £200, week three is £400, and so on. It goes like this:

Week Investment Profit

£ £
1 100 200
2 200 400
3 400 800
4 800 1,600
5 1,600 3,200
6 3,200 6,400
7 6,400 12,800
8 12,800 25,000 (rounded for ease)


Of course, I’m not suggesting you’ll make that kind of money working alone, or that you’ll do it over just a handful of products, but with a concerted effort, help and lots of mud thrown at the wall, it just shows how much money can be made in such a short space of time!

Making Money at Work

   Nice wee money spinner at work. Everyone puts a pound in the hat and makes predictions on the week's Premiership games. Winner takes a cut of the pot. Here is last week's results:

Please see below for the Week 2 results in the football predictor. Congratulations to Ross ‘i studied the form every evening last week’ Taylor, and Robert ‘the only man in the country to forecast QPR winning at Everton’ Oram. You are the joint winners for week 2, and share £16. Please come and collect your winnings from me!


Ross Taylor 8

Robert Oram 8

Jonny Illingworth 6

Louise Politano 5

Karran Marshall 5

David Markham 5

Richard Flatt 5

Alan Bird 5

Sue Brightwell 5

Mark Burge 4

Sundip Sahota 4

Anni Bartram 4

Dean Cornish 3

John Styring 3

Stephen Prati 2

Tom Sarsons 1

As for the cumulative table, please see below. Louise Politano is still up in the lead, but now is joined by Ross Taylor. (Green shows who has paid)


Ross Taylor 4 8 12

Louise Politano 7 5 12

Karran Marshall 5 5 10

Dean Cornish 7 3 10

John Styring 7 3 10

Robert Oram 1 8 9

David Markham 4 5 9

Richard Flatt 2 5 7

Jonny Illingworth 0 6 6

Mark Burge 2 4 6

Alan Bird 0 5 5

Sue Brightwell 0 5 5

Sundip Sahota 1 4 5

Stephen Prati 3 2 5

Tom Sarsons 4 1 5

Anni Bartram 0 4 4

Chris Wood 4 - 4

Friday, 19 August 2011

This weeks' stat attack

West Brom haven't been involved in a goalless draw for 80 games. Lay 0-0. Odds 23.
Crystal Palace haven't won on the road for 19 games. Lay Palace 5.
Celtic are unbeaten at home in 16 games. Conceding very few. Lay St Johnstone 30.
Man Utd are unbeaten at home in 26 games. Lay Spurs at 6.2
Southampton are unbeaten in 11 at home. Lay Millwall at 5.3

Shortest odds this week therefore are Crystal Palace. I'll be laying a £5 bet on them.

Will report back on results.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Extreme Couponing, from Martin Lewis

Extreme couponing. Tricks to save £100s on groceries

Forumites LOVE American TV show Extreme Couponing, where people go hardcore to stockpile £1,000s of freebies. Sadly, US stores are more generous than here, but many of their techniques can be used to boost the deals in Blighty. To celebrate the new series (starts Monday on Discovery Real Time - see exclusive clips), here's a basket of new coupons, and a plea for your top tips.

£1 off yogurts, pesto & more. Download instant click 'n' print coupons, eg, £1 off Plum yogurts, £1 off Sacla pesto, 50p off Blue Dragon curry paste. Then redeem them at Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons etc. See a full, updated list in the Supermarket Coupons deals note.

 Max your coupons. Even though our stores are less generous, you can still take inspiration from stateside coupon addicts. For example, look for coupons on already-discounted products, as they'll work out uber-cheap (search comparison site mySupermarket* to identify top bargains). Draw up a coupon battle plan before hitting the store, and systematically file coupons in a concertina folder, splitting into sections such as meat or veggies.

We want your tips and tales. We'd love to hear MoneySavers' (legal) Extreme Couponing UK tips and stories. Please tell us what you've saved on and what's been a waste, and how you grab maximum value from couponing. Add yours to the Great 'Extreme Couponing UK' Hunt.

Forum: Great 'Extreme Couponing UK' Hunt Deals: Supermarket Coupons Related: Supermarket Shopping

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Quiz Trippers 2

   Won 6 cans of Strongbow in a quiz night last night. Spent more over the bar though. Bloody £3 a pint!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Best stat of the week 13.8.11

   A wee while back I said that I reckoned you could make money by identifying what you thought were the five Killer stats of the week and then backing the one with the best odds. Here are my 5 stats on the first day of the new EPL season:

Liverpool are unbeaten at home against Sunderland in the last ten years. Lay Sunderland 8.6.

Man Utd have won their last seven games against West Brom. Lay West Brom 7.4.

Newly promoted teams have a terrible record away against top half teams. Lay Swansea (v Man C) 15

Celtic are on a 15 game unbeaten run at home. Lay Dundee U 16

Rangers are the senior club on the longest unbeaten run. Lay Inverness 9.44.

Ok then, going by the above our bet this week will be to lay West Brom. £5 stake. Will report back.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Selling Regional Foods on Ebay by Avril Harper

How to Sell Regional Foods on eBay

When people travel to areas they’ve never visited before, many find one of the best ways to learn about the people and culture of those areas is by sampling the regional cuisine. So in their appropriate regions you’ll find travelers preferring regional dishes like New York style pizza, Chicago style hot dogs, Maine lobster, over more common foods and menus.

You probably know that already, especially if you travel extensively yourself, but what you may not expect is that you can sell certain foods on eBay and in other online marketplaces, especially items that are non-perishable and travel well.

There’s a great business opportunity awaiting you here, namely one of selling regional dishes to people who don’t travel or who prefer staying home while still enjoying flavors and smells from faraway places. The other major market to consider here is expatriates and others living away from home long term and missing foods they can not obtain in their current environment.

Food is something everyone buys and, properly done, it can also grow you a full time business and a very tidy income from eBay.

Get started in this business by searching current and past completed sales on eBay for foods from specific locations in your own country or from overseas and check out prices paid and number of items sold by specialist food sellers. Check out their most popular dishes, see if those dishes sell from one eBay listing as multiple products, for example, and study how goods are delivered and how long delivery takes.

If you live in an area that’s famous for its own famous dishes, such as Haggis in Scotland, oranges in Florida, lobster in Maine, and so on, look around for ideas from local restaurants and other food outlets. Don’t copy ideas too closely, just use them as the basis for your own food ideas. If you’re not a good cook or you don’t have space or facilities available, make friends with local hotel and restaurant owners, also food specialists with shops and market stalls, and offer to promote their goods on eBay for a share of the profits.

These are only a few suggestions, but only those who have lived in a city or town can truly know the regional food items that would sell best.

Next, you should list your food item under the ‘home’ category in the ‘food & wine’ section. Make sure to put the state and city in the title of your listing, along with the name of the food item. This will increase exposure since anyone looking for ‘chili’ can pull up your listing, but also someone doing a search for ‘Texas’ can find it as well and it just might spark his or her taste buds. Your description must create the same effect for the bidder as walking into a grocery store on an empty stomach. Tempt them. Tell them about the flavors. It's okay to use superlatives like ‘sumptuous’ or ‘delectable’, but that doesn't really make the experience real for the bidder. Describe the flavor by relaying an anecdote about serving the item, to your guests, and what they thought of it. Such as my guest said, “It was creamy and left a pleasant aftertaste of nutmeg’ or ‘my boss tried it at our event and said the nutty flavor of the coffee reminded him of the Kona blends he enjoyed in Hawaii.’ Personal anecdotes give the food personality and make the seller seem like a regular Joe that is easy to like.

Finally, photos are essential. Without a photo of the food, the sale will likely not happen. People like to see exactly what they are getting. Saying the size of the portion in the description is important, but it is hard to visualize how much six ounces of chili mix really is. Plus, your photograph will show the bidder how the food will be packaged - in a can, in cellophane, in a jar, etc. Make sure the resolution is good and the lighting is warm and inviting. You might even want to show food prepared with the item, such as a bowl of chili or a cup of steaming coffee.

Tempting bidders to bite into a purchase can be rewarding if you know how to drive traffic to your listing. By properly headlining your item, describing your food, and showing what the food looks like, you can turn your chow into Cha-Ching.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Skipraker Developments

   Whilst I was out on a walk last night I had an idea which could be seen as a development on the Skipraker thoughts I have put down before here. I was thinking, if I had a stock of half a dozen or so skips which I rented out, every now and again I could leave them full in my yard and open the doors to the public as a sort of open-day skip rake, everything free that you can tow away.

   By doing this you may be able to qualify for some sort of recycling grant as well as keeping your landfill fees down.

The Jean Genie

   I was watching Storage Wars the other day when Jarrod Schulz struck gold with a box of old jeans. It turns out that the Japanese will pay a fortune for old pairs of Levi's - especially those with red internal stitching.

  The very next day I went to a car boot sale where I counted at least 50 pairs of second hand jeans up for sale.

   Could there be money in opening an online Jean store? Buy at Car Boots etc, cleaning them up and then selling via Ebay or some other online presence. The aim would be to wash your face with the regular stuff and hope you hit a diamond occasionally.

   I like it - although I'm more of a trackies man than jean in my own personal life.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Small Wonders consignment store under new ownership

Small Wonders consignment store under new ownership

Classic Gems from Avril Harper

Three Hundred Income Streams and Counting...

Hi Ross

Another email arrived today, saying much the same thing as hundreds of similar missives before it! The story goes something like this…

“…it’s okay for you, you know what to sell, you have hundreds of different products listed on eBay, you write eBooks and content for websites, you know dozens of different ways to make money… all I want is one good idea to make my living online… and I haven’t a clue how to find it!”

And it really is a shame, because they all assume that I - and other online entrepreneurs like me - have access to a magic vault packed with an endless supply of money making ideas...

Sadly, I don't (believe me, I wish I did!)

Yes, I do have hundreds of different income streams making money for me week by week, month by month, year by year. More than this, I have a great many more proven and very profitable ideas than I will ever find the time to use myself.

This does not mean however, that those opportunities came to me out of thin air, it does not mean I did not spend hours looking for and testing new ideas to ensure their viability before wasting time, effort and money on integrating them into my working day.

The fact is I spend just as long searching for new business ideas - usually new products to sell on eBay - than most people spend in their boring ‘normal’ jobs every day. And I’m certain that my willingness to spend several hours researching, testing and sometimes discarding ideas that prove unworkable is what sets me apart from others who wait years for their ship to come in and find it never does.

The reality is, if you want to make money online you have to put time and effort into researching and testing various product and business ideas, and you must never give up looking for the next perfect business opportunity.

The reason researching new business opportunities should be a daily task is to alleviate the possibility of all your income streams drying up.

It’s that old ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ philosophy again and it’s the reason most successful business men and women adopt a portfolio approach to business. For some people that portfolio covers two or three businesses, for others it’s ten or twenty, for people like me our portfolios are jam packed with money making options.

The portfolio approach should be wide enough to allow a couple of income streams to disappear without you feeling the pinch, and flexible enough for you to regularly add new income streams and remove any on the decline.

So, how do you do it?

Start by taking four sheets of plain paper, A4 size; tape them together so you have a sheet roughly 24 inches by 16 inches.

On the tape free side draw lines horizontally and vertically across the four-page sheet until you have fifty to one hundred empty boxes. If you’re ambitious go for one hundred boxes, if you’re sceptical go for less, but never fewer than ten.

Now go online looking for ideas that are making money for other people and which you think might also work well for you.

When you find one add the idea to one of your blank boxes along with your new role model’s eBay ID or Amazon name, website address or other distinguishing feature.

Now research the idea further; study your role model’s product, how many units they sell each week, at what profit margin.

Then look for similar products you can buy to resell, preferably of better quality than your role model is selling.

Study others selling similar products (or operating similar business ideas) and make a note of the features unique to their approach.

You are essentially looking for ways to turn someone else’s business (or product) into something unique to your business portfolio.

Now, this does take time, and it doesn’t always work, but when it does have the seed of an idea that could make you a fortune!

Plant the seed, watch it grow and then cull or nurture it according to whether it proves to be a drain on your resources or a major profit maker.

But remember! All the while you’re looking for new business ideas to fill the other ninety-nine boxes on that sheet.

Here’s what I’ve written in my blank boxes this morning:

Miniature dolls’ house accessories: made from polymer clay, and frequently selling on eBay at one hundred pounds a square inch.

Yes really. There are tiny handmade models fetching one hundred pounds plus and probably taking less than a few hours each to create. Does this mean I’m swapping my keyboard for a craftwork knife? Not on your life, hence - alongside the IDs of eBayers selling tiny models on eBay - there’s a note saying ‘get someone to make them by visiting craft fairs in Durham next month’. You get the picture I’m sure.

Sell autograph and image ensembles of well known historical figures on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and numerous other sites.

I’ll start by looking for ‘clipped’ autographs at local auction salerooms. These are usually signatures with just a tiny bit of border around them so they’re not very attractive or appealing ‘as is’ to collectors. They’re called ‘clipped’ because they’ve usually been clipped from letters, autograph albums and other vintage documents.

Once framed and with a tiny image of the writer these tiny scraps of paper, costing just a pound or two apiece at auction salerooms, boot sales and flea markets, can fetch fifty or sixty pounds each on Amazon and eBay.

Where to get the images without falling foul of copyright laws? From the public domain of course! I print the images and add them to an autograph mount (available in bulk on eBay) with the image showing through the larger aperture and the signature in the smaller one.

Look for wholesalers of wall decals (stickers that cling to most walls and surfaces).

They’re currently fetching double figure sales daily on eBay. The most popular designs are butterflies and dogs with art nouveau borders which sell at twenty pounds plus per transfer (and that’s why I’m searching today for something similar for my own eBay business).

Write twenty to fifty articles, using private label rights articles. Add these to a Squidoo Lens and aim to sell it for a few hundred pounds or even more.

The reason for using PLR articles as the foundation of my own unique articles is purely to save time - researching facts is the most time consuming element of writing.

Once the research is done (by someone else) all I do is rewrite the text into my own unique style, and the articles are exclusively mine. So in the time it takes to research and write twenty articles from scratch - about two days for research and another day for writing - I can create three times as many articles using private label rights. And that means I can create and sell a Squidoo lens every few days, rather than a handful each month were I to create my articles in their entirety.

And yes, you are allowed to sell Squidoo Lenses, they can fetch several hundred pounds each as you’ll discover at:

So, now you know how I dream up my new business ideas, and I don’t mind you copying any I’ve told you about today.

And while you’re at it, I don’t mind you copying any of 100+ other moneymaking ideas included in my latest book Multi Income Streams which you can read all about here:

Multi Income Stream Business Systems

Best wishes


From Positive Money Ideas Feed - Adventure Tourism

   Many people love to travel but they hate the ordinary tours that take them to "boring" places. They're looking for something different, something exciting, something that's out of the ordinary. You would think that people go on holidays for rest and relaxation, but to a growing number of adventure enthusiasts, vacations are the perfect time to go on adventure, exploring new sights, doing stuff that they can't normally do where they live like mountaineering, rapid river kayakking, hiking, scuba diving etc.

   Do you live near a forest, a river, the ocean or mountains? Are you into extreme sports, and do you love the outdoors and being physically active? Now, do you love meeting and interacting with people? If this describes you, then why not consider making money in Adventure Tourism? Adventure tourism is basically whatever you make of it. If you're an expert scuba diver, then you could organize tours that take people around the best scuba diving sites where you live, or if your into mountaineering and you live near a mountain range that's known for it's spetacular sights, make yours a mountain climbing tour! This is a niche market where your clientele will basically comprise your non-regular tourists.

   You might want to start with conducting short trips for locals who live in your area, taking them on "mini" adventures. To organize a tour on a larger scale - say for international tourists - will involve considerable planning and costs. You could work with local travel agencies to promote your adventure tour, letting them handle the main job of guests' travel and boarding needs, while including your tour as part of their itinerary. You'll need to provide food and lodging for guests who need to put up overnight or for those who want to have an extended stay. Market your tour with high quality photos and detailed descriptions. If your target market is international, you'll want to have your own website. This is a great business for the active, adventure type person who loves meeting people!

From Positive Money Ideas - Speciality Baker

   Most parents are happy to celebrate their kids birthdays with a cake and presents. Getting a cake is not that big of a hassle. Cakes can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, topped with an unlimited variety of pictures... but wait... what if little Susie insists on a cake that's shaped like Cinderella's castle or if Sam absolutely must have a Ferrari shaped cake? Many bakers can bakes your regular cakes but few have the creative and artisitic abilities to produce works or art. These are the specialty bakers - bakers who don't bat an eye even if you ask for your cake to be shaped like a satelite!

   Are you someone who loves to bake? Do you love baking so much that the regular type cakes have begun to bore you and you've started to experiment with the shapes of your cakes? If you are, then why not go all the way and become a Specialty Baker? You can make lots of money combining your artistic and baking skills! If your cakes are meant for kids, then they don't really have to be exact replicas of the real thing although you will need to have loads of creativity as you produce cakes of all manner of shapes and designs for your customers. Knowing what's popular with customers is a definite plus - that way, you can be ready with moulds of different shapes like race cars or rockets or even Barbie doll. Your business will grow with your reputation. If you've got a reputation for creating really unique cakes, then orders will keep coming in.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


   I've been following a Tipster called "Zerohype" via the Betfair Community for the last week. 100% success rate so far.

   He quotes as resuts as something like 52 wins out of 56. It may well be worth working out stakes based on the Kelly Criterion and putting aside a bank of £500 or £1000 to use on his tips. I will watch closely over the next few days before making a decision.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

New Idea - Polish Humour Book

   With the success of books like "Awkward Family Photos", is it time to do a book showing the remarkable array of Good Looking Eastern European women and their ugly Boyfriends that can be found within a mile of any branch of Home Bargains in the UK?

Quiz Trip

   Won a nice bottle of wine at a quiz on Sunday night. £2 entry, wine worth about a tenner.