Sunday, 27 February 2011

Poundlines - new tests

Went to town yesterday to buy some Pound lines to test out. Have listed:

Easter Stickers
Exercise Books
Winnie the Pooh notepads
Water Bombs
Table Bombs
Antibacterial Spray
Emergency Blankets

+ Much More.

Things are rolling along....

Friday, 25 February 2011

Poundlines - sales so far

   After almost a week, Poundlines has sold:

Reward Charts

Once we have 20 unique sales the plan is to look for wholesalers (via Ebay, Dropshippers or Ali Baba) and concentrate on pushing these lines.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Bot Update

My mate has downloaded BFBotmanager, and he is raving about it. He insists that it will be able to do everything that I am asking for and more. We will see.

Managed 9 successful green trade-outs on the Horses yesterday - easy money!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Horse Trading

   Have been laying favourites and trading out for 7% profit with mild success. I'm going to start keeping records.


Should have added that I've been comping my tits off in the last few days. Have easily done 100+. No wins as yet, but their is usually a lag on these things.

Ebay, Betfair, Shiply, Amazon.


Best Mum Certificate

Best Mum Certificate Auction Best Mum Certificate

Mother's Day Rosette! Auction Mother's Day Rosette!
Easter Balloons 20pk Auction Easter Balloons 20pk

Bronzing Pearls Auction Bronzing Pearls

Black Liquid Eyeliner Auction Black Liquid Eyeliner

Lip Gloss Auction Lip Gloss

Toy Story 9pc Sticker Set Auction Toy Story 9pc Sticker Set

* Trying a number of "Poundlines" to see if I get any joy. Have sold a set of Reward Charts so far. Listing is free so no harm in trying.


Have had a quote from the bot guy of $400 so trying to decide whether to take it or not. Going to download "Betangel" and give it a go before doing anything.


Haven't had any big accepted so far this year. Have c. 3 bids in at the mo. Currently sticking to local pickup/ local del only.


Inventory is up to 1300 or so units. Sales have been really good this month. I must have shifted 20 to 40 units.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Hunsbury Green

   The Hunsbury Green house is looking good now that all the carpets have been done. The same house just down the road has recently rented for £595 which is a good sign.

To Bot or not to Bot

   I worked out that using a bot for my system would result in £250 profit per week. Should I shell out the $433 for the Bot through Elance or not?

   Let me know your thoughts...

Nice Amazon Payout -


We initiated a transfer to your checking account (last three digits 484) of £60.58 on 21/02/2011.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Try this system

   This has worked well for me over the last few days:

Take an early position in a race opposing the favourite.

If the favourite drifts then trade out for a guaranteed profit.

If favourite narrows then allow your lay to run. If favourite wins then repeat on next race to cover your loss, and the expected profit.

Back on the Horse!

This weekend I've:

  • Made £75 laying horses.
  • Listed 50+ books on Amazon.
  • Wrote to Alec Salmond to see how to become an MSP.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Nice Amazon Sale

   Just sold a book on Amazon for £29.99! My record so far.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Look at this strike rate....

   Had a stats night last night and found that my standard football bet has a 99.4% strike rate - 726 wins from 730 bets. There must be a way I can make it work!

   If you are a Math's Whizz then please get in touch.