Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Email to "The Beechgrove Garden" (BBC Scotland)



Please consider my project if you are interested. I have decided that what ever the result of the Independence referendum in Scotland in September, I am going to try and declare my own independence here in Alva, at the foot of the Ochil Hills. I am lucky enough to live on a rather substantial plot. Roughly speaking the garden is about 500m2, with my bungalow right in the middle.


I believe that by using square foot gardening, Aquaponics and by keeping chickens, I could satisfy at least 25% of my families requirements. I also believe that the land has enough space to ensure that electricity could be generated to such an extent as to meet our needs.


Furthermore I think the property could be extended to 5 bedrooms and a granny flat could be built on the land. That would leave enough space for a small B&B operation.


If you have ever seen “Sovereign Living” on Youtube then I am thinking along the lines of this.


Kind regards,


Ross Taylor.