Friday, 30 December 2011


   I've always been a fan of those Educational posters you get for Kids Bedrooms. Maps of the World, Kings and Queens of Britain - that sort of thing.

   I think that there could be a market for poster (A0) size prints of some useful Infographics for Adults. I think the best way to test this would be to get about fifteen from the Public Domain and then sell them through a Shopify Storefront. You could use or some other such site to kncok them up meaning no inventory to hold. Worth a try.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Maximising my Betfair profits with a Kitchen timer

I think I need to change my tactics on Betfair. For the rest of this season I'm going to mark out all my prime betting periods in the diary (EPL games 65 minute mark to the end) and then only access Betfair at these points. When I log in I'll start a Kitchen timer and give myself 25 mins to get in and get out.

   It all starts tomorrow at 4.25pm.

Backing the draw to a level win

   You often hear about people backing each Premier League team to draw until such time as the draw comes up. I myself have been tempted to do this on numerous occasions. Perhaps it is lucky that I haven't done it this year, where bu the 30th of December, Bolton Wanderers are yet to draw a game (P18 W4 L14).

   Here's the thing though: If I had backed every team to draw to make a level £100 each, would I still be in profit overall despite Bolton's long run? By my reckoning, you'd have to be putting £19.4k on your next bet. If you'd won £95 on every other English League team drawing then you'd currently be sitting on a pot of £8740.

   Also, is it now time to start backing Bolton to draw? Surely they can't go the whole season without one? Overall, are there more draws in the second half of the season or more in the first half?

   There are more questions than answers.

2012 Actions - Walking

   All being well (will explain later), I should be able to do a lot more walking in 2012. I am extremely out of shape at the moment but I feel that walking is the key to getting myself back in shape. My plan is to use the garmin GPS system I just purchased in order to build walking routes of .5 miles, 1 mile, 1.5 miles, 2 miles, 3 miles, 4 miles, 5 miles, 10 miles and 13 miles (half marathon). I can then use these to build up over time before eventually adding in extras such as ankle weights, vest weights, sauna suits and nordic poles. I can also change the terrain from flat to hilly. My target is to do 365 miles of set walks within the calendar year of 2012!

Here is an extract from wikipedia on the health benefits of walking:

Health benefits of walkingMain article: Physical exercise

Sustained walking sessions for a minimum period of thirty to sixty minutes a day, five days a week, with the correct walking posture,[5][6] reduces health risks and has various overall health benefits,[7] such as reducing the chances of cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, anxiety and depression.[8] Life expectancy is also increased even for individuals suffering from obesity or high blood pressure. Walking also increases bone health, especially strengthening the hip bone, and lowering the more harmful low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, and raises the more useful good high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol.[9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16]

Studies have found that walking can also prevent dementia and Alzheimer's.[17]

...... and what has this got to do with money-making? Everything. When you are out on a walk your mind can concentrate on whatever you want it to. You can discuss ideas with friends or focus on opportunities you see.

The Big Red Balls


I bet if you were a farmer who had a spare piece of land, and you did nothing else but set up the Big Red Balls (as per Total Wipeout) and got a Licquor License you'd have tons of corporate bookings.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Article from The Economic Times on Extreme Scrimping.......

NEW YORK: On Monday, the day after Christmas, TLC's cameras were cruising Forever 21, Lane Bryant and GameStop stores in Florida and California for an episode of recession-era entertainment: " Extreme Couponing."

At this penny-pinching moment in American history, this reality show about moms (and a few dads) who compulsively clip coupons and stockpile free stuff is a breakout hit for TLC, the cable channel formerly best known for Kate Gosselin. So the channel is trying to make the most of it, filming holiday specials and conceiving two spinoffs that will be shown this week.

The first, "Extreme Couponing: All-Stars," is a series that has its premiere on Tuesday, about people competing to save the most money on their groceries. The second, " Extreme Cheapskates," is a special on Wednesday, about people who barter, dumpster-dive and forage for free goods and services. If the special receives good ratings, it too could become a series.

"We feel like we've identified a brand-new genre, which is 'found money,"' said Amy Winter, the general manager of TLC.

As mundane as it may seem, watching "Extreme Couponing" can be addicting, just like couponing. Viewers root for the shoppers, whose stories of economic hardship and shopping salvation are told in 15-minute increments.

"It's doing two things at once," said Matt Sharp, an executive producer. "It's tapping into the unbelievable, yet it's also relatable."

Almost everyone goes to the supermarket, but almost no one takes home $600 worth of groceries for a nickel. Yet it's an appealing idea, especially at a time of high unemployment and consumer malaise.

"If you had put this show on before the economy took that downturn, I'm not sure that it would have resonated the way that it did," Winter said.

The show's formation follows the recent timeline of the economy. After the financial crisis in 2008, as households cut back on spending, a few television stations and newspapers ran features about fanatical coupon cutters. Some were professionals, like Susan Samtur, who had been writing books and articles about couponing for decades and whose pointers were suddenly back in vogue.

"Her weekly grocery bill you'll have to see to believe," said Kris Van Cleave of WJLA, a Washington-area TV station, when he interviewed Samtur in April 2009. With her coupons and rebates filed by category, she saved $144.11 on a trip with Van Cleave, paying just $9.43 for a week's worth of groceries. CNN picked up the WJLA report, and Sharp sent the video to a colleague at his production company, Sharp Entertainment. "There's a show here," Sharp wrote in an email. "Something in EXTREME CHEAPLIVING."

The idea percolated, and in 2010 there were other news reports that "further piqued our interest," he said in an interview. An article in The Wall Street Journal that Marchcalled coupon clipping "the newest extreme sport." ABC's "Nightline" pitted two shoppers against each other in an "extreme couponing" competition.

"The last time I purchased toilet paper at the store was in 2007," Nathan Engels, a founder of a couponing website, boasted on "Nightline."

TLC ordered one hour of "Extreme Couponing" from Sharp's company and showed it at the end of December last year.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Call me Jeffrey Archer!

Payment made to: ROCK HARD BOOKS(ROCFZ)

Our Supplier No.: 11910749

Paid to bank: Hidden for security

Paid to account: Hidden for security

Payment number: 1022458

Payment date: 20-DEC-11

Payment currency: GBP

Payment amount: 223.30

Sunday, 18 December 2011 is already happening!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this website:

It seems that my vision of is already happening in Manhattan!

Saturday, 17 December 2011


How about this?

Get yourself half a dozen Reindeer. Get yourself down to numerous town centres on the run up to Christmas. Dress up as Santa and have a few little helpers shaking the bucket for donations.

I'll wager you'll bring in at least £100 a session tax free. Get 12 dates in before Christmas and you've brought in £1200 for the family purse.

How much does it cost to keep a Reindeer?

(............ and how much will you get from the Butcher's for the beasts after Christmas?)

Not one for me because I hate animals.


   Just finished reading the lifehacker book. Here is what caught my eye:

  • Dash through tasks with a timer.
  • The trusted trio of email management.
  • Set up a morning dash.
  • Map your time.
  • Block and disable bandwidth hogs.
  • Filter low priority messages.
  • Split your work amongst multiple desktops.

Tax doesn't have to be taxing............

   Just finished reading "101 Ways to Pay Less Tax".

Now imagine I was self employed, I could offset against my income:

  • cost of goods bought for resale.
  • cleaning.                 (£20 per week/ £1000 per year)
  • postage.                 (£250 per year)
  • stationery.              (£100 per year)
  • relevant books and magazines.
  • security expenditure.
  • business proportion of telephone, lighting, heating, cleaning and insurance. (£150 per year)
  • business proportion of rent and council tax.          (£1000 per year)
  • reasonable pay for your spouse.          (£7200 per year)
  • hotel and travelling expenses on business trips.
  • whole cost of running your own car if used wholly for business.          (£2500 per year)
  • the interest on overdrafts and loans for business purposes.          (£1200 per year)
  • business insurance.          (£150 per year)
  • repairs and maintenance of equipment and premises.          (£500 per year)
Now assume as I was self employed, rented a £700pcm house (10% business use) with £150pcm Council Tax. I employ my spouse as a PA and use a vehicle wholly for business purposes. I bring in £2000 per month.

   I make that roughly £14k that could be offset against tax quite legitimately (so long as all the above had the paperwork to cover them off). Of the £10k left over, roughly £7500 is covered by my personal allowance. This means that only £2500 would be taxable, giving me an annual tax bill of £500.

   At the moment I pay more than that every month!!!

Betfair Update

Betting Profit & Loss

Cricket: £0.73
Darts: £36.22
Golf: £1.90
Horse Racing: £41.33
Soccer: £52.59
Special Bets: £30.86
Total P&L: £163.63

It's been a good week on Betfair so far this week.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Unusual Business Idea - Sexy Photo Shoots

   I read a brilliant article through the week regarding the weird internet searches people have been doing this year whilst they look for gifts for their partner. One that priced my attention was "sexy photo shoots" and to tell you the truth, in a world where people pay good money to put their feet in a bowl full of Tadpoles, I think that Sexy photo shoots as a gift could be a real winner in the years to come.

   Here is what I would do:

* Get yourself some office space.
* Advertise online, Gumtree etc.
* Get yourself a good camera.
* Copy the pricing and package offered by some other firm.

   Bob's your Uncle. If you do a couple of these you'll have paid for the cost of the camera - and you'll have free porn! Double Bubble!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Wee County Crimewatch

   Quick website idea. Take a small city or a wee county such as Clackmannanshire. Type up all the cases which are reported in the Courts section of the local paper ONLY WHEN A GUILTY VERDICT has been found. Get nice clean photos of the guilty and display them online. Add maps showing where crimes have occurred, and ALSO add different maps that show the last known address of the guilty.

   Keep this totally anonymous. Add Google Adwords selling stuff like Security measures etc.

   Bob's your Uncle, your your own area's answer to Nick Ross.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Another good night on Betfair.....

Betting Profit & Loss

Ross Taylor 05-Dec-2011 22:14
Soccer: £21.97
Total P&L: £21.97

That makes me up £140 for the week. Wish every week was like this.

Haunted Hotel

   Love the idea of having a haunted hotel which has a curfew where the doors are locked, meals by candlelight, storytelling in front of the fire and then ghostly happenings through the night.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

I need help with some Maths.........

   Okay. The odds of flipping a coin and getting the desired result are 50/50, so if someone offers you 10/11 you should tell them too bolt - but if someone offers you 11/10 you should snatch their hand off because over time your guaranteed a profit.

    Applying that logic to the UK National Lottery means that once the Jackpot goes above £14M then you should dive in as you are getting a "value" bet (are you?), but that doesn't give us the full story does it? I say that because the £1 bet we are placing when we buy a lottery ticket, is actually a multiple. We have a series of 3-folds, 4-folds, 5-folds and the big Jackpot bet. I don't know how many bets we have in total, but perhaps only 12p or so from the quid is going towards the Jackpot. Does that mean our "tipping point", when the bet becomes value, is therefore reached long before the Jackpot gets up to £14M?????

   Secondly, how does the Maths apply to the (formerly) Tote Jackpot. In recent months we've seen this rise to several hundred thousand. At what stage does that bet become value?

   Any help would be gratefully appreciated! Tim Harford and the "More or Less" team - are you reading this?

Business idea for the Wee County

Letter to the Alloa Advertiser 4.12.11:

Re your story:

"THE new £10m Diageo Cooperage in Cambus was officially opened by His Royal Highness, the Earl of Wessex, on Monday.

He visited the innovative new cooperage and received a tour of the site, which houses state-of-the-art technology, before speaking to a range of coopers.

On declaring it open HRH - who has a long-standing interest in coopering and is an Honorary Member of the Incorporation of Coopers - said he was delighted to be there and had enjoyed a great experience throughout the day.

He was accompanied by the Lord Lieutenant of Clackmannanshire, the Rt Hon George Reid, who has strong links to the industry.

Full story in the Alloa & Hillfoots Advertiser, Wednesday 30 November 2011"

An enterprising sort in the county should take the old barrels from the distillery to make one-man saunas. Some firms in North America are making a fortune from this:
Kind regards,
Ross Taylor

Good weekend on Betfair so far

Betting Profit & Loss
Ross Taylor 04-Dec-2011 18:05

Horse Racing: -£7.72
Soccer: £76.86
Special Bets: £7.88
Total P&L: £77.02

Monday, 28 November 2011

2012 US Elections

   Brush up on you US political history because I'm pretty sure they'll be money to be made on the US elections next year.

   It doesn't matter if Obama's opponent is a Gay Chinese Closet Communist, some states always vote Red and some states always vote Blue. For example, Utah is the most Republican state; Massachusetts is the most Democrat state. Utah has voted Republican since 1964 (11 in a row). I believe that Masachusetts has only voted Republican once since 1952.

   Get your history books out and do some research. Odds will be available on these bankers because there is always doubt in people's minds.

Is it necessary to reinvent the Wheel?

   My money heroes are Tim Ferriss, Robert Kiyosaki and to a lesser extent David Bach.

   Certainly in the first two cases these guys ensconce the sort of values that I have been banging on about on this blog for the last two years: live frugally, move from wage slave to business owner, re-invest the profits to get your money working for you.

   ........ and what is the connection between these guys? None of them (to my knowledge) have invented anything! You don't have to be James Dyson to get rich.

   The system, the attitude and the persistence are the key - no need to reinvent the wheel.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

All the fun of the fair......

   One day, far, far off in the future, I'd love to lay on a fun day where all the stalls, attractions and events etc are sending their profits back to me.

   I'd have:

  • tons of stalls
  • donkey rides
  • bouncy castles
  • music
  • food vans
  • sport events (Highland games or something)

Lifestyle Design

   I've got so many lifestyle design plans. Can't wait to get started. Personally, I think discipline, planning, routine and time management are the key factors. The sky is the limit.

   Very exciting!

XXXL and above

   It's finally happened. After years of joking I've finally reached the stage where clothes in the normal shops no longer fit me. My years of bunterism have pushed me through the (very wide) doors of "High and Mighty".

   Well, they might have got me into "High and Mighty" if it wasn't so bloody dear. You pay a massive premium when you go XXX - in clothes and in porn!

   Here is my business angle. Stick an ad in the paper saying that you are looking for outsized gent clothes, with a charity donation being made in return. Take in all the gent's clothes you can. Chuck out the moth eaten stuff but keep anything at all wearable. Run a counter ad/ website offering outsized clothes for sale at cheap prices.

   Basically you are just acting as aggregator of the free stock. Give half of your profits to charity - everyone's a winner.

Home Bargains

   Anyone who buys anything whatsoever without first checking to see if it cheaper on Home Bargains needs their head examined.

Skinflint rhymes to work by..............

   Live by these two and you'll not go far wrong:

If it's brown, flush it down, if it's yellow, let it mellow.

Heat the person, not the room.

Weirs Way

   Was watching Weir's Way earlier - brilliant, brilliant program. If I could make a program as half as good as that I'd be proud as punch. Scenery, music, history and a gentle pace. Great viewing. I want to be the Tom Weir of the Ochil Hills.

Extreme Moneysaving UK Style

   Every family has staples which they will go through from week to week. Some of these will be perishable and others will be inperishable or with a long use by dates. For instance, in my household I know that, from the second of the previous options, we will use:

  • At least 50 tins of beans.
  • At least 50 pot noodles.
  • At least 20 bottles of washing up liquid.
  • At least 50 toilet rolls (see my view on buying toilet roll elsewhere on this blog).
  • At least 50 tins of soup.
  • At least 50 bottles of concentrated orange juice.
  • At least 20 multi surface sprays.
  • At least 10 bottles of shower gel.
  • At least 10 tins of deodarant.
  • At least 10 tubes of toothpaste.
....... and probably a lot more that I can't think of right now.

   Now over the last week there has been lots of articles in the newspapers about American-style extreme Moneymaking coming to the UK. The general consensus is that the UK Supermarkets are too tight with their vouchers for the full strength US experience to be enjoyed over here, however there are some general rules of thumb which seem to resonate across all the reports, namely:

  • Order online and across numerous sites. No shop loyalty allowed.
  • Use the comparison sites to find deals.
  • Save your points and hunt out opportunities to get other people's points too.
   If we put all this together then my recommendation would be to start trawling the supermarket sites looking for exceptional deals on any of these products and to buy a year's worth in advance if the price is right (and the deal allows you this option). If you buy too much then don't worry because (a) you are going to use it all anyway, and (b) you could all knock some out at cost to family members. If the family members are impressed with your deal-finding tehn you could offer to do the same for them - and obviously bank the points for yourself in doing so.

Betfair Update

   Funny goings on on Betfair over the last few weeks. I decided that discipline is the key, so therefore any losing bet which I put on which is outside of the normal system is being reimbursed from my own pocket. I can't say that I haven't had to do so either.

   The upside is that a few days back, the fund touched £2300 - the highest watermark for quite some time. A freak(ish) result in France, where 3 goals were scored from the 84th minute onwards has since stung me for £111 but good form since has seen the fund bounce back to £2230.

   I'm becoming more and more convinced that my slow broadband is costing me cash.

New Breed of Puzzles

   This would be quite hard to do on an individual basis but bear with me. If you go into ASDA or Tesco nowadays you'll see a pretty good selection of puzzle books. Now the majority of these will be Wordsearch, Crosswords and Sudoku because these are the ones that sell. To a lesser extent you'll find codebreakers, arrowtabs, kakuro and mixed puzzle.

   I think I know a 4th title that could sell as much as Wordsearch etc: Hidden Object.

   We've all played I Spy, and most of us will have played a "hidden object" type of game either on an Ipod/ Ipad or on a pub Itbox. They are addictive fun games.

   If I knew someone who had the IT know-how, I'd get them to knock together 50 images each containing 25 hidden objects. Send these files off to China after a bit of negotiation. From 5 mins on Ali Baba, I reckon you could get these printed and delivered back to you for less than 50c a pop. Full colour cover, B&W inside. Get yourseld down to the market and knock the 1000 you bought for £300 out at £1 a piece. Remember there is no VAT to pay on books. Split the profits with your IT chum.

   If this works then re-invest your profits and go bigger and better on round 2.

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Dominos Success

Voucher in the post.

I've won £10 per day since my boy was born......

   More steady drips in the bucket with tonight's Champion League games:

Ross Taylor 02-Nov-2011 21:56

Soccer: £21.82
Total P&L: £21.82

More Stats

   Found a great resource for stats. Check out Opta on Twitter. They give loads of great information for free.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Steady Drip Always Fills the Bucket

   Another nice night of football betting this evening. 17 bets and 17 winners, no sweats at all.

Ross Taylor 01-Nov-2011 22:01

Soccer: £19.43
Total P&L: £19.43

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Bingo Book Sales

   Ok - hear this one out. Different Bingo halls have different "busy nights". Take Central Scotland. Gala Westerhailes has 600 in on a Saturday. Possil will get 700 in on a Tuesday. Meadwobank used to get 900 in on a Sunday. The Forge is busy every night. (note that these are attendance levels from c. 2005 when I used to work in the industry).

   Fast forward to 2011, having left Bingo I now work in Publishing, specifically Kids Books. I know from my work the kind of Kids books which achieve the highest volume and profitability.

   My plan is to offer a joint venture to the Bingo Halls where I roll my stall in on a busy night and split any profits that I make. My aim would be to sell 150 books at 66p profit per title. That's £50 for the club and £50 for me. Doesn't sound like much, but we are talking about literally 15 minutes work. That's £200 per hour minus petrol money. Gala or Mecca - give me a call!

Nice Day at the Office

   Good work on the Betfair today. 21 bets, no losers:

Betting Profit & Loss

Ross Taylor 29-Oct-2011 17:11
Football: £35.54
Special Bets: £1.90
Total P&L: £37.44

Friday, 28 October 2011

More complaining to Dominos


At about 11pm tonight I ordered Chicken, Garlic Bread, Deep Fried Cheese and 2 x bottles of Cola to ** Hunsbury Green, Northampton, NN4 9UL. A staff member may recall calling me (on 01604 ******) to let me know that I needed to swap from one type of breaded chicken to another.

Unfortunately, when the delivery person left, I noted that I had only been delivered 1 bottle of coke. Note that I had to buy two bottles in order to get over the minimum purchase.

Could I please be refunded the cost of the missing bottle? A voucher would suffice.

Thanks in advance,

Ross Taylor.

Competition Club

   I happened upon a free Twitter service called "Competition Club", which forwards on all the tweets relating to comps and freebies. Today alone they sent through over 100!

   Great service. Definitely something to add to a daily MSE Forum search for any serious comper.

N.B> The pic is of me and a waxwork of Gandhi. No relation to the post - just nice.

Keir Harrison Taylor

A big welcome to my third baby!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Keto Sticks

   Anyone who has ever done the Atkins diet, GI diet or any other low-carb regime will know that Ketosis is one of the key stages  of weight loss. In a nutshell, this is when the body is forced to burn fat in order to provide energy for your daily functions.

   Obviously, when you commit yourself to one of these diets, you are keen to find out when Ketosis is taking place. The main way of doing this is by pee-ing on a Keto Stick.

   This is where my money-opportunity comes in. Try to go and buy some Keto sticks from your local pharmacy or Boots and you'll be on a "sticky" wicket.

   If you want to make some cash, get yourself over to Ali Baba and find a supplier. Get yourself a website sorted out (or Ebay Store) and start dropping your link on all the forums. Start churning out the articles. Knock your keto stick packs out at 100% mark up.

Betfair Discipline 2

Had another look at the stats. This time any game where I have done the under bet in the last 3 months. Here are the stats:

· 262 winners from 265. 99% strike rate. A bit unfair really as I only had one loser but the bet went on at 3 different prices (Blackpool V Bristol a few weeks back).

· Average odds matched were 1.02.

· Profit over the 3 months was £278.

This is Worldwide football btw. Everything from Scot Prem to Brazil. Two methods:

1. Wait until after 78 mins and then back the under if odds still available. Officially the stats say wait to the 81st but I find all markets are closed by that point.

2. Wait for a goal after the 81st minute. Back the under when the market clears up. E.g. game is 1-1 until a goal is scored in the 83rd minute. Back under 4.5g.

Betfair Discipline 1

Just downloaded some interesting stats from Betfair. In the last 3 months I’ve actually only done my unders bet 46 times on Premier League games.
· 46 out of 46 have been winners. 100% strike rate.
· Average stake of £177
· Average odds of 1.02.
· £115 profit.

Surely my best bet would just be to scale this work up?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Using Twitter to predict the Stock Market

   I like the sound of this, taken from "Business Unusual" blog:

Twitter A Crystal Ball For Predicting Stock Market?

Hedge funds are volatile investments for the super rich to make (or lose) piles of money very, very quickly. It’s a cutthroat business. Because funds are only as good as their last reported performance, managers will do almost anything to get an edge and deliver the best returns to clients…so they’re not below using Twitter as a crystal ball.

Derwent Capital is Europe’s first “social media based hedge fund.” The fund managers use an algorithm to analyze thousands of random tweets on Twitter for words like happy, sad, angry, jerks, depressed, pissed-off, etc. to determine public sentiment or mood.

According to the brains behind the proprietary algorithm there is a surprising correlation between the mood of Twitter users today and the movement of the stock marketing in the next 2-3 days…turning Twitter into a crystal ball.

Dwarf Throwing

   Imagine this for a second. You hire a venue in the centre of a reasonably sized town/ small city. This venue must be licensed. Two weeks prior to you big date you start plastering the locality with poster, leaflets, press coverage etc pushing your big forthcoming night. The night has two selling points:

  • Discounted Bar.
  • Dwarf Throwing.
   Now I don't know if there is a dwarf throwing troupe already in the UK but I'm sure you could get a posse together.


  • Bar Staff
  • Promo materials
  • Dwarf hire
  • Hall hire
  • Outside Bar hire
  • Booze costs
  • DJ

  • Door charge
  • Beer sales
Now say the outgoings come to £2000 and your average spend per person (door charge and Beer sales) comes to £15, that means you'd need 133 people through the door to break even. I reckon in any reasonable sized town you'd get 200 young bucks in.

   Take the show on tour and suddenly your the Biggest Midget Entrepreneur in the country.

Friday, 14 October 2011

I bet Goth's would buy shit like this..........

Vampires Beware!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sold in the 19th century, Vampire Killing Kits contain the items considered necessary fir the protection of persons who traveled into the countries of Eastern Europe, where the populace was reportedly plagued with a peculiar manifestation of evil known as Vampires.

What’s Inside Your Typical 19th Century Vampire Killing Kit?

A pistol with accoutrements

Silver bullets


Wooden Stake

Professor Bloomberg’s new serum

Garlic powder and other concoctions

Did You Know?

Ripley’s owns one of the world’s largest collection of Vampire Killing Kits. No two kits are exactly alike!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Follow me on Twitter @rosstaylor1979

 I've been using Twitter to publish some of my own jokes plus retweet some of the best stuff I read elsewhere. Once I get to 1000 I plan to self publish them on Twitter and send a copy of to the guys at BBC Scotland Comedy Unit.

More logic

  Here are some more ideas I'd put into place if I was a Bachelor-Money-Making-Machine living the logical lifestyle:

  • Unless you are running an "Eddie Stobart-Style" business which has a USP of running clean lorries, then never wash your car. Leaving it dirty actually protects the paintwork. Ask any old Farmer the trick to a vehicle's long life and they'll say it is due to it being caked in mud for the last 35 years.
  • Wash your downstairs windows with vinegar and brown paper. A bottle of white vinegar will cost 39p out of Tesco and will last your for years. Decant it into a spray bottle (some member of your family will be throwing one out). Use the free newspaper that is distributed in all towns. Leave your upstairs window to get dirty.
  • Drink tap water. One of the most illogical things I do is spend £2 every couple of days on Cola and Irn Bru. I must have spend £5,000 to £10,000 on fizzy juice in my lifetime. It makes you fat, is full of calories and bad chemicals and rots your teeth. It also makes your body hungry so you end up spending more money on extra food. By switching to water you can avoid all these negatives. It is the logical thing to do.
  • I can't see a way of owning a property and avoiding Buildings insurance. The most logical thing to do would be to shop around for the cheapest - then max up your excess level in order to bring your premium down. Pay the yearly amount and shop around again next year.
  • Same applies for contents, except for the fact that if you are going to go hardcore and fly super minimalist, Contents insurance might actually be superfluous.
  • Using a Washing lines and Clothes horse as opposed to a Tumble driver is an obvious one.
  • Nick cutlery from work, cafes and restaurants.
  • Get yourself a water butt. If hot water isn't required then you could be able to use it for household needs. Obviously the water butt should cover you for all gardening water requirements.
  • When using the hob, always cover your pans. Stuff will cook much faster.
  • Holidays are for the Japanese - a change is as good as a rest.
  • Smoking is an absolute and utter no-no. There can be no bigger waste of money on the planet.

Life of Logic

   If you are making money through dribbles then you also want to make sure that you are not wasting money in your household. You want to make sure that not too much of the money flowing into your wallet is not draining out through the plughole. Here are some of the things going through my mind:

  • Live as close to your main place of work as possible in order to keep commuting costs down.
  • Walk to work if you can.
  • Use a Carpet sweeper rather than a hoover.
  • Wash your clothes in the sink with soap flakes.
  • Take Navy showers.
  • Ditch the TV - biggest waste of time going. Everything worth watching is now available on the net.
  • Ditch the fridge. Buy fresh.
  • Go with wood fuelled hot water.
  • Ditch the home phone. Give out your mobile number.
  • Get a PAYG mobile.
  • Wear a bib when you eat - half of my washing is down to food stains.
  • If you can get away with it, wear clothes that don't crease - jumpers, track suits, overalls.
  • If you need a vehicle, opt for LPG.
  • Wage war on Electric lighting. Are candles cheaper for reading in the winter.
  • Get a brick in your cistern.
  • If it's brown flush it down. If it's yellow let it mellow.
  • Use a dedicated sponge or rags to wipe your arse. If that is taking things a bit too far then nick bog roll from work.
  • Nick paper, pens and all stationery requirements from work/ the Bookies/ Argos.
  • Don't bother with carpets or wallpaper - they're for posh folks.
  • Rent out any space you can. Spare room, settee, floor space. There are some real desperados out there.
  • You are your own gym. Anyone who pays £40 for a gym membership needs psychological help.
  • 15 mins housework per day is enough for any household.
  • Make sure every inch of garden space is getting used productively: Shed storage, green house, raised beds etc.
  • Never leave the clock running on a DVD player/ Cooker/ Microwave/ Alarm etc. They are all burning Electricity for no apparent reason.
  • Don't bother with alarm clock at all - use your mobile and charge that up at work.
  • Go for a Clockwork radio.
  • Get your council tax single person allowance sorted.
  • Eat raw where possible.
  • Go double duvet in the winter.
  • Soap is just as good as shampoo and shower gel.
  • Don't drink tea or coffee.

   Obviously the majority of these are set up for Single men. Bang! I've just knocked your monthly Utility bill in half - at least.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Book Idea - Road to Gold


 Here's a book I would buy if it was available - "The Route To Gold".

A whatever-number point plan to gold at Olympics/ Commonwealth Games. Based on the "10,000 Hour Rule", these books would you give you an idea of the stage of development you'd have to be at if you planned to win an Olympics/ Commonwealth Gold at the next games.

   Take the example of if you wanted to be in amongst the medals at the next Olympic games in the First Heavyweight (91 to 100KG). Back in 2000, lifting 180kg in the snatch would've been enough to get Bronze. The book would work along the lines of:

August 1996: Watch the Videos of the 1996 games to learn the nuances of the winners technique.
September 1996: Join your local association.
October 1996: You should be putting X hours per week into practice.
November 1996: By this stage you should be able to lift X kg's.

   Obviously you would have to write something like this alongside a real expert in the field - but I think a book such as this could get niche sales. You could do one for each discipline in the games.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Lead Sales

   Ok - so you've got a little leaflet business on the go and you also buy BMV property (see older posts). If you're worth your salt then you are going to be getting your delivery guys to pop your lead generation leaflets in alongside the paid stuff.

   Another dribble to add to my previous list would be to sell unwanted to leads to the Pro outfits up and down the country.

Haven't lifted a finger in months - yet Amazon cash still rolls in

The following payment has been made by Amazon. It will be paid by bank transfer directly into your bank account.

It can take up to five business days for the funds to appear in the available balance of your bank account. Please allow until after that time before reporting your Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment as late or missing.

Payment made to: ROCK HARD BOOKS(ROCFZ)

Our Supplier No.: 11910749

Paid to bank: Hidden for security

Paid to account: Hidden for security

Payment number: 439269

Payment date: 27-SEP-11

Payment currency: GBP

Payment amount: 12.44

Invoice Number Invoice Date Invoice Description Discount Taken Amount Paid

07/2011 PMT-ROCFZ-1889311-SA 04-AUG-11 ROCFZ-07/01/2011-07/31/2011 ADVANTA 12.44

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Football Stats

   A few weeks back I started off doing football stats but unfortunately things have ground to a halt as my local Tesco has stopped selling the RFO. What's going on?


   Have been having computer issues over the last few weeks so apologies for the lack of posts. Let me come back with a bang with a list of the dribbles:

  1. Security Work.
  2. Delivering Booze to doors.
  3. Shifts on Local Radio.
  4. Appear on TV Quiz shows.
  5. Car Boot Sales.
  6. Pub Quiz Nights.
  7. Run a Market Stall.
  8. Fulfillment by Amazon.
  9. Surveillance work.
  10. Work as a Private Detective.
  11. Manage Darts Players.
  12. Rent out Band Rehearsal space.
  13. Earn through
  14. Remove Grafitti for money.
  15. Sweep Car Parks.
  16. Run errands.
  17. Sell through the small ads.
  18. Work as a "Neighbourhood Worker" (Council anti-job often advertised)
  19. Get a part time job at Waterstones.
  20. Make and sell Baby Food (plenty of recipes on the net).
  21. Collect and trade autographs.
  22. Play Blackjack for profit.
  23. Keep writing the Self Pub books (easy money).
  24. Collect Pallets to make bits which can be sold.
  25. General Amazon selling.
  26. Mystery Shopping.
  27. Run a B&B.
  28. Deliver organic veg boxes.
  29. Professional Comping.
  30. Matched Betting.
  31. Be someones Weight Loss Buddy.
  32. Doll up used Garden Furniture and resale.
  33. Run a consignment shop (could start online).
  34. Postman work.
  35. Deliver IKEA orders.
  36. "" - list location of local skips online.
  37. Part time work at the local library.
  38. Courier work.
  39. Rental income.
  40. Sunbed hire.
  41. Shiply.
  42. Regular Betfair income.
  43. Fancy Dress Hire.
  44. Taxi work.
  45. Specialist disabled taxi work.
  46. Make and sell Dog biscuits.
  47. Pink Limo hire.
  48. Wedding and Party Chip Van.
  49. Business Boot Camps.
  50. Skip Hire business.
  51. Jean Genie (Jean resale).
  52. Hi Lo Martingale system.
  53. Solar Panels on my rental houses.
  54. House Clearance Business.
  55. Open a Thrift shop.
  56. Drive and deliver cars for a dealership.
  57. Part time Steward work.
  58. Part time Merchandiser work.
  59. Make and sell soft drinks.
  60. Online ticket touting.
  61. Make and sell compost.
  62. Make and sell Tomato Ketchup.
  63. Tour Guide work.
  64. Tutoring.
  65. Open a nanobrewery.
  66. Darts Prizemoney.
  67. Do a Provident round.
  68. Voiceover work.
  69. Pooper Scooper work.
  70. Babysitting.
  71. Buy and sell old Football shirts.
  72. Write and sell Pub quizzes.
  73. Sell Pressed Thistles online.
  74. Take the photos for local Estate Agents.
  75. Do Inventories for local Letting Agents.
  76. Blogging income.
  77. Sell stock photos.
  78. "Scotland's Showroom" idea.
  79. Fostering.
  80. Freelance Sales work.
  81. Resell job lots from Ali Baba.
  82. Write and sell jokes.
  83. Make and sell Gift Baskets.
  84. Casino Deposit whoring.
  85. Open a 24hr gym.
  86. Become a Youtube partner.
  87. On-Course Arbitrage idea.
  88. "Letter to the Editor" prizemoney.
  89. Poker Propping fees.
  90. Lowball Cars idea.
  91. Part time Cleaner work.
  92. Casual Driver for local council.
  93. Work as a Personal Trainer.
  94. Do Cash loans.
  95. Copy "Million things to do".
  96. Do Comedy busking.
  97. Manage Inventroy for companies of a Freelance basis.
  98. Salvage, clean up and resell Doors.
  99. Hotpoint Willie.
  100. Open a Laundry.
  101. Wedding Day Ice Cream Van.
  102. Deliver Leaflets.
  103. Utility Warehouse.
  104. E-Lottery.
  105. Become a Local Councillor.
  106. Open a Doss House.
  107. Do Dog Walking.
  108. Run a Compers Co-Op.
  109. Enter Poker free-rolls.
  110. Back/Lay Ante Post system.
  111. Betfair Referal fees.
  112. Bingo Caller work.
  113. Rent out Bouncy Castles and other inflatables.
  114. Newspaper clipping.
  115. Create a Tough Guy Endurance course.
  116. Open a Seasonal Pop Up shop.
  117. Carry out sensitive business matters for people.
  118. Money Manager Idea.
  119. Sports Arbitrage.
  120. Property Manager for Landlords.
  121. Part Time HGC driving work.
  122. Deliver for Catalogue companies.
  123. Collect and sell Firewood.
  124. Luggage Transfer service for walkers.
  125. Open a Self Storage site.
  126. "Pound Lines" idea.
  127. Do a Moorcroft round.
  128. Stag Evening tour idea.
  129. Run an OAP check-in service.
  130. Complain for Profit.
  131. Become a Business Mentor.
  132. Get an outfit and be a mascot at Children's party.
  133. Be a Shopper (local paper) Agent. i.e. deliver bundles to the Paper Boys.
  134. Offer a Chaperone service for worried parents.
  135. "Clicks for Cash"
  136. Exam monitor work.
  137. Vote counting.
  138. TV Extra work.
  139. Mailbox rental service.
  140. Creative reuse.
  141. Declutter Service.
  142. Unusual Holiday Cottages.
  143. Grow and sell Cactus (hallucinogenic??)
  144. Freebie whoring.
  145. Wedding Photo Booth idea.
  146. Important building Guardian.
  147. Build and rent log cabins.
  148. "Reuse town" idea.
  149. Groceries Driver.
  150. Onboard courier work.
  151. BMV deals.
  152. Appt only Bookshop.
  153. Board Count for Estate Agents.
  154. Cheap clothes for big men.
  155. Sell Debt Management leads.
  156. House sitting.
  157. Sell via Green Metropolis.
  158. "Continuous Recruitment" idea.
  159. Holiday cover/ temping.
  160. Take an ice cream cycle to events.
  161. Run Sedona classes.
  162. Quidco.
  163. Run a cafe which serves Scotland's Biggest Breakfast.
  164. Z-List Meet and Greet idea.
  165. Reader service.
  166. Sign up at "Ask the Answer".
  167. General Ebay sales.
  168. Social media update service.
  169. Run an HMO.
  170. Do stand up comedy.
  171. DHL/ Yodel work.
  172. Write and sell a Gazeteer of Scotland.
  173. "Avril Harper 5am Moneymaker" idea.
  174. Do Opposition reports.
  175. Open your own lettings agency.
  176. Make "Directors Cut"-style comedy videos.
  177. Lap-dance Limo.
  178. Banksy idea.
  179. Write articles for companies.
  180. Run a Green Cemetery.
  181. Source and sell rare foods online.
  182. Make and sell your own energy drinks.
  183. Lease option deals.
  184. Matched betting adviser/ sponsor.
  185. Make and sell Apple Cider Vinegar.
  186. Run a Business Breakfast club.
  187. Freelance stock take services.
  188. Offer Counselling services.
  189. Win prizes on OLBG.
  190. Offer a Squatter Alert service.
  191. Run a honeytrap.
  192. Do the Avril #2 idea.
  193. Run a Pedicab buisness.
  194. Offer Mobile Oil Change service.
  195. Run a College Course.
  196. Offer a 24hr Daycare service.
  197. Do under-the-counter product reviews for cash.
  198. Gamesmaster idea.
  199. Wedding Dress Wholesale.
  200. Hotel rooms by the hour.
  201. Clubcard scam.
  202. Daily Tipster.
  203. Sustainable Products Store.
  204. Online Surveys.
  205. Alibis service.
  206. Lottery Syndicate.
  207. Run a Publishing service for would be authors.
  208. "Brendon Bass" idea.
  209. Body Building Prize Money.
  210. Brewdog.
  211. Business Plan Review service.
  212. Nightwatch work.
  213. Flag Pole Idea.
  214. Hippy Van Hire.
  215. Sell Poppers and other Legal Highs.
  216. Bothy rental for hikers.
  217. Strongman Gym.
  218. Terry Nappies business.
  219. Make and sell Cider.
  220. Online Agony Aunt service.
  221. Run an Off-Grid camp.
  222. Usborne Books.
  223. Stoozing.
  224. Read Tarot cards.
  225. Write Joke Books.
  226. Grave tending service.
  227. Make and sell Artizan chocolate.
  228. Licensed Trade Co-Op.
  229. Tradeplate driving.
  230. FTSE betting system (need to perfect this).
  231. The Pound Food Shop.
  232. Ghost Hunter/ Paranormal services.
  233. Rent fixtures to Pop Up Shops.
  234. Athletic Scout.
  235. Charges females for Muscle worship sessions.
  236. Set up a Basic camp site.
  237. Run a talent agency.
  238. Become a business angel.
  239. Collect old cuddly toys, clean them up and resell.
  240. Craigslist gigs.
  241. Consignment Gallery.
  242. Property Syndicate.
  243. Despatch Operative work.
  244. Run a Calendar Club concession.
  245. Work as a car repo agent.
  246. Make and sell crisps.
  247. Medical trials.
  248. Collect stuff from Freecycle and then resell.
  249. Santa work.
  250. Hot tub hire.
  251. Weigh and Save outlet.
  252. Scotland's hottest sauna.
  253. Concierge/ Reminder service.
  254. Work as a Milkman.
  255. Deliver Takeaways.
  256. Beg via "gofundme".
  257. Pick and sell Wildflower Bouquets.
  258. Make money by Trading on Betfair.
  259. Do part-time Meter reading.
  260. Create Recipes books.
  261. Run a Pies by Post business.
  262. Take and sell Papp pics.
  263. Run an Artists retreat.
  264. Offer a Revenge service.

Well you can't really argue with that can you? 264 dribbles for you to use to make Money. £100 apiece gets you £26,400 in a year.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Refund from Dominos

Dear Ross

Thank you for your comments they are very much appreciated.

Having checked your order I can see that this order was placed on the regular priced menu.

If you wish to take advantage of the “mega deal” then please click on the deals section at the top left hand of the screen which will take you to all the deals within your local store.

In, the mean time, I will send a voucher out to you for £7. To the address given on the order which will cover the additional cost of this order, but this will take 10-14 days.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Wozniacki is the Bismarck of the week

   Caroline Wozniacki is the Adrian Lewis of tennis (that is until Lewis won the World Champs). I really can't see her winning anything. She's never really seriously challenged for a Slam Event. She's sixth favourite or so for the US Open, and there are a good 5 or 6 players below her in the book that have more drive. On top of all this she's just fell in love with Curly Boy McIlroy. My bet of the week is to lay Wozniacki in the US Open at 19.5.

Big Brother System

   Long time Blog fans may remember my Big Brother system which has worked very well over the years. Basically, as Big Brother is just a popularity contest, all you need to do is find the biggest poll online and bet along with the findings. Here is tonights example:

Celebrity Big Brother eviction: Who do you want to SAVE?

Kerry 50.0%

Sally 29.7%

Bobby 20.3%

   This is a bit of a bum example as the poll was "who do you want to save" rather than "who do you want to evict", which is a subtle but huge difference. In light of this, I laid Kerry Katona being evicted at 12 to 1.

   Honestly, someone with balls and brains could make a fortune from Big Brother betting.

Autograph Hunting

   Some interesting autograph hunting advice from Lewis Geary:

   If you fancy starting your own autograph collection (maybe with the aim of having something worth a fortune in the future - maybe for your retirement, or your kids...?), follow these pointers from a professional autograph hunter:

Why you should always carry white cards around with you

- If you live or work in a major city and are serious about

collecting signatures then it is worth carrying a couple of

white cards in your pocket just in case. It's virtually

impossible to walk around Soho for example, without

bumping in to at least two celebrities, and they are

usually very happy to oblige if you're polite and don't

take up too much time.

- If you know a cabby, ask him out for a pint! If you know

a cabbie and he picks up fares in town, pack him with

white cards and ask him to ask for you. Cabbies are

generally well loved, and a celebrity, even a notoriously

picky one, will usually say yes, because they feel

comfortable and safe in the cab.

- Go to a bookshop. There are now many signings in the

major bookshops and, as long as you buy a book, the

signature's easy AND FREE. If you're able to, try and

get a picture of the star too. If you decide to sell for a

handsome profit, the photo can be used as evidence -

though there's no evidence that it's THAT book they're

signing. Don't be too greedy. I saw one guy pounce on

Paul McCartney with armfuls of CDs, pictures and

records that it looked like he'd spent his whole life

collecting. Needless to say, ONE CD was signed

- Just ask! Many celebrities will send you their

autographs for nothing, if you write to the show that

they appear in (you won't generally have to worry

about the secretaries doing these ones!)

- Never forget the markets and car boots. About ten

years ago a friend of mine was walking around a market

in the West Country asking if anyone had autograph

books. One guy said he had one from the forties and

fifties, which a girl had kept at the stage door of her

local theatre.

There were many stars of the day in there but the reason for the £180 price tag was a page with Laurel and Hardy on it.

Sounds a lot, but the value of that one photo nowadays...?

Around £800-£1200. Not a bad profit for one day at a car

boot sale.

I hope that's given you a little inspiration to look past the usual ways to make money and search turn something you're interested in into a source of income - maybe not today or tomorrow, but in a few years time. Because a few years time is going to whiz past faster than we expect.

Possible FTSE success

 I was tempted to give some FTSE betting a try after reading "Bets and the City". Have made 23 bets with 22 winners over 3 days. Still not wholly convinced of my system so would like a full day of running it to see.

"Bets and the City" by Sally Nicholl

   Just finished reading "Bets and the City" by Sally Nicholl, which I would heartily recommend for anyone interested in Spread Betting or trading in the financial markets. Like any book dealing with a slightly technical subject, it takes a while to get going as the intricacies of getting set up are told. The author manages to keep it interesting though with flashes of her life outside the computer room.

   There was one section that particularly piqued my interest. The author was meeting some City Hotshot. He gave advice which I think should closely match what I'm trying to do on betfair:

"His hedge fund has $30 million under management - that makes it relatively small - and it aims to make a profit of 1% per month, which compounds to 15% per year. He works with 3 colleagues and between them they open or close an average of 3 trades per day."

   Focus, Rule#1, Zulu Principle. - Keep it tight, and don't lose money. That is the order of the day.

Stat Attack 26.8.11

   Haven't bought a RFO this week so just going to move last week's stats along slightly.

Man Utd - long unbeaten run at home. Lay Arsenal at 7.8.
Man Utd have scored first in their last 21 home games. Lay Arsenal score first at 4.1.
Southampton on a long unbeaten run. Lay Leicester at 2.46.
West Brom have gone an age since last 0-0 draw. Lay 0-0 at 11.5.
Newly promoted teams have a piss poor record against top half Prem sides. Lay Norwich at 19.5 in their game against Chelsea.

Ok - that makes this week's bet to lay Leicester at home in their game against Southampton. £5 bet taken. Liability equals £7.40.

Will report back.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Water good idea

   How come no-one has yet invented a system of storing Gutter run-off to use for flushing toilets?

Avril Haprer Excerpt - Some Wise Words here....... #AVRIL2

- Go to Click ‘Buy’ in the top right of the screen and then click ‘Browse Categories’. On the next page choose a category, then a sub-category. Now search for Top Rated Sellers with Buy It Now listings for products you might enjoy selling. Click on one or two listings and study the numbers sold at the right of ‘Quantity’.

- If sales are high from one listing, I’d say 100 or more in two months is good, head over to Alibaba - - it’s one of the world’s most reliable product sourcing portals, where you can access many thousands of different products from reliable suppliers. This reliability is what makes Alibaba a good place to source products - the company keeps careful tabs on its product suppliers and bars any that prove unsatisfactory.

There are countless other places to start your product search, including my own personal favourite The Secret Source Finder

- Key the details of eBay’s top selling products into the search box of your chosen product sourcing sites.

Study the wholesale prices against those fetched on eBay to determine the likely potential profit per sale. Study discounts on products purchased in bulk, which add to your profit margins.

- Contact the sellers and ask permission to use their images and product details in your eBay listings. I’ve only been refused once.

- Choose as many products as you have time to handle and list them on eBay. Use auction listings to determine prices people are willing to pay, and how many orders ensue for specific price levels. This information helps you determine demand and profit potential for subsequent multi-product Buy It Now listings that allow you to offer hundreds of similar products inside one listing for the same price as a one product listing at auction.

- As soon as bids appear contact wholesalers and get them to put stock aside for your test marketing exercise. Most will agree as long as you tell them you’ll be buying stock in bulk later.

- When auctions end, invoice your winning bidder and send Second Chance Offers to unsuccessful bidders whose offers also generate profit for you.

- Isolate products that do make money from those that don’t - add the former to your permanent inventory and dismiss the rest.

Note: You must do constant checks on permanent inventory to ensure profits stay high. It’s also a good idea to do further checks on products that fall slightly below your profit expectations to see if changes to your listing might generate higher profits later.

- Take payment for goods sold in your test listings, buy sufficient stock to fulfil orders, use profits to pay your eBay and PayPal fees, spend the remainder on stock for future listings.

- Make replenishment of stock from profits your main priority and look for products that at least double your investment after overheads. This allows you to double your wealth every time you acquire new stock. So as long as the market for your products remains constant, or grows, you could end up with a multi-million pound turnover business in less than one year. Much less if you’re really keen.

To prove it, this is how a little capital reinvested in more stock over several weeks (or months if you’re working alone or part-time), adds up to a quick and easy fortune. This works where you begin with £100 capital and week one finds you making and reinvesting £200 in stock (original investment plus £100 profit), week two’s investment is £200, week three is £400, and so on. It goes like this:

Week Investment Profit

£ £
1 100 200
2 200 400
3 400 800
4 800 1,600
5 1,600 3,200
6 3,200 6,400
7 6,400 12,800
8 12,800 25,000 (rounded for ease)


Of course, I’m not suggesting you’ll make that kind of money working alone, or that you’ll do it over just a handful of products, but with a concerted effort, help and lots of mud thrown at the wall, it just shows how much money can be made in such a short space of time!

Making Money at Work

   Nice wee money spinner at work. Everyone puts a pound in the hat and makes predictions on the week's Premiership games. Winner takes a cut of the pot. Here is last week's results:

Please see below for the Week 2 results in the football predictor. Congratulations to Ross ‘i studied the form every evening last week’ Taylor, and Robert ‘the only man in the country to forecast QPR winning at Everton’ Oram. You are the joint winners for week 2, and share £16. Please come and collect your winnings from me!


Ross Taylor 8

Robert Oram 8

Jonny Illingworth 6

Louise Politano 5

Karran Marshall 5

David Markham 5

Richard Flatt 5

Alan Bird 5

Sue Brightwell 5

Mark Burge 4

Sundip Sahota 4

Anni Bartram 4

Dean Cornish 3

John Styring 3

Stephen Prati 2

Tom Sarsons 1

As for the cumulative table, please see below. Louise Politano is still up in the lead, but now is joined by Ross Taylor. (Green shows who has paid)


Ross Taylor 4 8 12

Louise Politano 7 5 12

Karran Marshall 5 5 10

Dean Cornish 7 3 10

John Styring 7 3 10

Robert Oram 1 8 9

David Markham 4 5 9

Richard Flatt 2 5 7

Jonny Illingworth 0 6 6

Mark Burge 2 4 6

Alan Bird 0 5 5

Sue Brightwell 0 5 5

Sundip Sahota 1 4 5

Stephen Prati 3 2 5

Tom Sarsons 4 1 5

Anni Bartram 0 4 4

Chris Wood 4 - 4

Friday, 19 August 2011

This weeks' stat attack

West Brom haven't been involved in a goalless draw for 80 games. Lay 0-0. Odds 23.
Crystal Palace haven't won on the road for 19 games. Lay Palace 5.
Celtic are unbeaten at home in 16 games. Conceding very few. Lay St Johnstone 30.
Man Utd are unbeaten at home in 26 games. Lay Spurs at 6.2
Southampton are unbeaten in 11 at home. Lay Millwall at 5.3

Shortest odds this week therefore are Crystal Palace. I'll be laying a £5 bet on them.

Will report back on results.