Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A Million Jobs To Do

Chrissi over at "A Million Jobs to Do" emailed to say that it looks like we share a similar ethos. I agree.

Please pay a visit and have a look: www.aMillionJobsToDo.com

Here are some of the more unusual tasks that Chrissi has been asked to do I've added my comment below each one:

Clean My Shoes

I recieved an email once from a Mr Chris Lowe simply saying...

"Clean my shoes for £100,000. I'm not even lying"

I responded... "If you would still like me to clean your shoes for the suggested fee, please let me know and I will raise you a PayPal invoice and provide you with an address to post the shoes to. Look forward to completing this task for you."

... Funnily enough I never got a response??!!

I'll do it!

No Introduction or Explanation Needed!..

"I will pay you a lot of money to lick tomato puree off of someone's armpit."

I'll do it!

Toe Nails?..

"Hi I wondered if you would mind coming once every few weeks to cut my toe nails!"

I'll do it!

Borat Character...

A guy actually contacted me through one of my directory listing asking for a 'Borat type character', I think he might have been slightly mad and referred to himself as Ali G!?...

"Hey, would you be prepared to first pole vault over Botley Bridge and then limbo dance down Botley Road stopping traffic until you get to Habitat and then go into Habitat and salsa dance around the shop knocking over vases, dishes etc and smashing a couple? I will pay you to complete this challenge. Ali G."

I'll do it!

De-Poo My Garden?..

"Hi I have a great dane that tends to only poo in my garden; I cannot stand the smell, texture or look of his poo and desperately need someone to clean up my garden for me... I would pay well."

I am not really a dog person but did find someone to complete this task for the client!

I'll do it!

Roy Hodgson

The BBC Sport website carried the story that Roy Hodgson would be named the Liverpool manager imminently, so I flicked over to Betfair and invested £100 at 1.13 on the back of this.

5 hours later and no news - I'm getting a bit jittery now.

Happy Comping (Hopefully)

A few more comps in the bag:


Saturday, 26 June 2010

Projects on the go -

On the back of "1000 Rock Hard General Knowledge Questions" and "The Rock Hard Scottish Trivia Book", I'm working on another batch of projects which can hopefully be added to Amazon.co.uk in time for potential Christmas sales. These projects are:

* A "Lost" trivia quiz book.
* A Celebrity quiz book.
* A Celebrity joke book.
* Another General Knowledge quiz book.
* An Alan Partridge quiz book.
* A World War 2 quiz book.
* A Bible trivia quiz book.
* A Maths book
* A book with the working title "100 reasons why Scotland is better than England"
* A Sherlock Holmes quiz book
* A Jack the Ripper quiz book
* A book with the working title "Conspiracy Theories of the 21st Century

12 projects here - but I'm sure some will drop out, and some will harden up as time progresses. I've started three quarter of those listed here, with the most progress probably coming on the "Lost" quiz book, which already has about 250 questions.

Introductory Offers Update

My mentor for making a fortune from introductory offers is hardly setting the heather alight. My calculations this morning show:

Money In


Money Out


Which I calculate as a £39 profit. Nice - but I'll keep the champagne on ice for the moment.

Friday, 25 June 2010

I'm taking a grim view of Vue

9 days now and still no response from Vue. I've now sent a stern letter to the Head Office telling them what I think of their Customer Service.

Some more comps in the bag....

Have done loads since I last posted comps - but the compuetr keeps crashing on me!







Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I hate the CSA and want money back off them........

I absolutely hate the CSA!

"I have a serious issue with your letter ref: 08456090042 DE 4/5.

Given that my ex-wife has admitted receiving payments from me in 2003 and 2004, over and above the fact that I have proven these payments on two previous occasions I CANNOT believe that you are still going to make a deduction from my earnings this month.

How on Earth can this be fair? Do you not have a calculator in Falkirk?

I am going to miss bills this month and incur bank charges due to you error!!

Please refer my case to the ombudsman or the management or anyone who can look back in the records and see that I have made payments in every month I have been in work for the last 7 years!"

Those Vue Bastards haven't even acknowledged my complaint!


I am very annoyed because I made a complaint last week and have still not received an acknowledgement. Could you please let me know what is going on?

Kind regards,


The Rock Hard Scottish Quiz Book

My new book is now available on Lulu.com. Should have it on Amazon.co.uk by the end of the week. I'd say it probably took about 12 hours all in.

It's almost identical in format to the one I knocked out last week except this time all the questions pertain to Scotland and the Scots.

I read a great book last week entitled, "The Wealthy Author". It is my intention to follow up on some of the recommendations in that.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Some Filth to end the Week.....

My World Record Attempt

This afternoon I have submitted my application to Guinness World Records to attempt to eat the Biggest Fried Breakfast ever.

I'm not sure how I'll make any money out of it but we'll see....

Desperado - I'm available for medical trials

Drop me a line if you need me.
6ft 90kg 31yr old male

Rock Hard Books - Online Presence!

Rock Hard Books now has an online presence. Check out:


Comping time

Another ten comps in the bag to round off the week:










Big Brother Eviction - Shabby

For the past 4 years I have had a very keen betting interest on Big Brother eviction nights.

Many years ago, my friend showed me how the level of activity on big brother forum polls rendered the results of those polls statistically significant.

Predicting the result of an eviction is as easy as looking at the main forum (This is Big Brother) on a Wednesday and then checking back on a Friday afternoon to make sure there has been no major swings in the betting.

Using this simple system, the clear pick for tonight is:


I've got £150 on at 1.7

More Pro-Complaining - Vue

I have a very serious complaint about my recent visit to Vue, Sol Central, Northampton. My wife and I were there to see "Sex and the City 2" at 20.15 on Wednesday 16th June 2010. We paid £14.80 for our tickets, having selected "VIP" seats. It seems that no-one else seemed to know that we were in VIP seats as we were hassled from about 20.20 by people asking us to move. This completely ruined the enjoyment of the film as people were getting very angry. This situation could have been completely averted if a member of staff had been present. Furthermore I believe there should have been some greater highlighting of the fact that the row we were seated in was a VIP row.

In light of this terrible experience I would like to be refunded my £14.80.

I look forward to hearing from you on this.

Kind regards,

Ross Taylor.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Bookies Introductory Offers - Update

Here is the current situation with the old betting introductory offers:

Corals Free Bet Used
Betclic Free Bet Used
Totesport Free Bet Used
188Bet Free Bet Used
Sportingbet Free Bet Used
888Sport £20
Bwin £67 Balance
Betfred Free Bet Used
Betdaq £25
Betchronicle £25 Free Bet to use
Canbet £25 Free Bet to use

Basically, I've got £107 and £50 free bets to use, but I think I've actually laid out more than this in deposits (could that be possible??)

A better method may well have been to open up the accounts, make the free bet and then "lay off" the transaction on my Betfair account.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Complaining Success - Belhaven Pubs

Thank you for sending in your proof of purchase.

We have checked our records again and found that you were in fact charged £27.70 and not £21.00 as first thought. We are very sorry for this misunderstanding and would like the chance to make it up to you by inviting you back to the Old Brewery for a meal, including drinks, up to the value of £50 on us. If you would be so kind as to provide your address details I will arrange for a voucher to be posted out to you. Please accept this as a gesture of our regret that this happened - it is not how we do business and was a genuine mistake.

We will of course also refund the £6.70 back on to your card upon your next visit. Please confirm if this is not satisfactory.

I look forward to hearing from you and again, please accept my sincerest apologies.

Kind regards,

Monday, 14 June 2010

I am trying my arm at complaining for profit again. This time I have wrote to McCains Foods about a completely dreadful product called "Footballs". They were easily the most tasteless food I've ever ate.

Good Afternoon,

I am writing to complain about your product, McCains Footballs. Usually I recommend your products, and tend to buy them before Aunt Bessie, Tesco own brand etc. On Sunday 13th June bought a packet to try them out.

I was really, really disappointed. I found them absolutely tasteless. The bag described them as being like mash potato but I would say they didn’t have any taste whatsoever.

I would go as far to say this was the worst potato product I have ever bought. They were more like something I would expect to get if I bought an own brand from Farmfoods or Iceland.

I paid £1 for my bag at Tesco Northampton South at 11:30 on Sunday 13/6/10.


Ross Taylor

Zopa - Peer to Peer Lending

I haven't had any experience of Zopa as a borrower but I have had experience as a lender.

It's a risky business - but one which I haven't had any problems with so far. So long as you manage your liability, I think it could be a profitable and relatively passive investment/ saving method.

Your Amazon.co.uk Marketplace deposit is on its way‏

We initiated a transfer to your checking account of £29.04 on 14/06/2010.

Easy money!

Leaflet Delivery

Delivering leaflets is a low-cost little business that anyone can run. Last year I got lots of work off the back of Gumtree and Ebay Local ads.

At £25 per thousand you won't get rich, but the rewards can build up if you can manage to get 2 or 3 runs going at the same time. It doesn't take any extra effort to put 2 leaflets through a letterbox compared to 1.

I got the proof that gumtree works when I got a call for a leaflet job yesterday - more than 6 months after the last time I posted an ad.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Peter Crouch WILL NOT Win the Golden Boot!

If you've got a million pounds sqirrelled away somewhere, take all the cash you can on Peter Crouch winning the Golden Boot.

As far as I can see he might not even get a full game.

I've laid him at 44/1 - but would keep filling my bag all day if I could.

New Scotland Quiz Book on it's way

I've made a good start on my Scottish Quiz book. Have a go at some of these questions:

125. Which gay MSP made his home in Ladybank?
126. How is Ian Colqhuhoun Wilson from Greenock better known?
127. Who was the first Scot to win an Olympic boxing medal?
128. Which son of Musselburgh was responsible for many War Memorials in the period following WW1?
129. Which Scot captured General Cambronne at the Battle of Waterloo?
130. Which Scottish athlete was awarded an MBE in 1990?
131. Which two acts is Gerry Rafferty associated with?
132. In which film did Billy Connolly appear alongside Richard Burton?
133. Which Glasgow politician was dubbed “I.R.Wray” due to his staunch support of Irish Nationalism?
134. Which Scottish singer’s debut album was “Eye to the Telescope”?
135. Which Scot ran as Mayor of Middlesbrough in 2002?
136. In 1947, which Scot wrote “Thou shalt not suffer a witch....”?
137. Which Scottish writer is an avid fan of “The Pan Book of Horror Stories”?
138. Who wrote “Good”, which later became a film starring Viggo Mortensen?
139. For which series did Ronni Ancona win a British Comedy Award?
140. Who was the first Jewish Doctor in Scotland?
141. Who wrote “The Myth of the Blitz”?
142. Which Scottish Industrialist recommended that Universities should offer Engineering degrees?
143. Which Scottish boxer unsuccessfully challenged Pernell Whitaker for a WBC Boxing title?
144. Which Celtic Director is also CEO of BT?
145. Who wrote the book “Islanders” based on her experiences on Papa Stour?
146. What is the main settlement on Papa Stour?
147. Who was the only side Jim Bett scored against for Scotland?

Friday, 11 June 2010

USA Idea2

The reason why pizza is so popular in America is because of home delivery. I know people who aren't even particularly fond of pizza, but who order it anyway because they don't have any food in the house and because they don't want to go out. Here's a way to take advantage of that tendency. Offer a service that turns every restaurant in your area into a home delivery restaurant. By offering a flat fee to home deliver from any restaurant you will be absolutely swamped on the weekends.

USA Idea1

I liked this idea I saw on the net:

We live in security conscious times, and most neighbourhoods would appreciate having a dedicated security patrol. You could approach homeowners in some of the nicer neighbourhoods in your area and ask if they'd be interested in a personal nightly security patrol for just $19.95 per month. Many people will take you up on your offer, and you will eventually have 250 homes as part of your patrol network. That's nearly $5000 a month and you've got the entire day free. Also, your only real expense is a few gallons of gasoline.

Email Harvesting

I've downloaded 180,000 email addresses via Blackhatworld and sent them this email:


please have a look at this great father's day gift!


A brain-teasing collection of quizzes featuring 1000 questions. Whether it be for fun, for family gatherings or for fund raising, quizzes remain an eternally popular type of entertainment. This book provides anyone wanting to run or take part in a quiz with an unrivalled collection of quiz questions to work with. These questions are not easy! "Rock Hard" quizbooks do exactly what they say on the tin!

Kind regards,


New BBC series - Money

I'm in the hat for a new BBC series called "Money". I'm not really sure what it's about yet! I came across the ad by googling "contestant calls". Here is what the BBC sent me:

Dear Ross,

Thank you very much for the response. I am at the research stages of this series and am gathering background information on people. I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts and a little bit about your set up. I have attached a questionnaire which would be great if you could fill out at your convenience and in confidence.

If you could please email me back your completed questionnaire to me at your earliest convenience, it would be much appreciated.

This all helps our research a great deal so thank you again for your input.

Many thanks,


England will not win the World Cup

I've put my money where my mouth is and took a £250 liability on England winning the World Cup.

They have no chance. Too many good teams in their way. No partner up front for Rooney. Too many has-beens (Gerrard).

I've even laid them to appear in the final.

Some movement from the Old Brewery re. my claim

Subject: The Old Brewery
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2010 14:10:35 +0100
From: katrina.drummond@belhaven.co.uk
To: ross.taylor1@tesco.net

Dear Mr Taylor,

Thank you for your email of 8th June. I was sorry to hear of your disappointing experience while visiting the Old Brewery and have since spoken with the manager, Tony Leneghan about it.

Whilst I was at the Old Brewery I checked the transaction records for the 22nd May. We don’t appear to have a transaction on file for the amount of £27.70 however if you would be able to provide me with confirmation of the charge relating to your visit I will of course be happy to refund the difference.

Please feel free to email me at jan.mimiec@belhaven.co.uk or alternatively you can pop something in the post to the following address:

Atrium House

6 Back Walk



In the meantime, if you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me on 07530 003 087.

Kind regards,

Jan Mimiec

Area Manager

Belhaven Pubs

Tel. 07530 003087

I want my money back....

I bought Listerine recently and have kept my receipt with the distinct aim of claiming my money back. I've popped a letter to the manufacturer with the receipt today.

Cheeky Bingo - Account Closed £24.47 Net Profit

Nice day's work

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The kernels of a good idea - Bonus Whoring and Referral Fees

Here is the conversation between me and my mate on an idea we have brewing:

Me: This geezer is majorly missing at rick by getting me to google accounts rather than going through his own affiliate links.

Him: The best thing to do is well is get our friends to open up a moneybookers account - moneybookers has an affiliate plan as well!, though it's low paying - they would need to deposit a token small amount from their own bank account, a tenner say, just to verify the account. Then we, or I, could transfer them money to do all the bets etc. so that they would not be risking any of their own money, should that be a concern to them. Then after all offers are exhausted we transfer half the winnings back to our moneybookers accounts and they withdraw their half back to their bank account. In 6 months you can easily make a grand per person, that is at least a monkey each.

As i say, the important thing in all of this is that they use their own computers and each have a distinct address as the terms and conditions of moneybookers bars people logging in to multiple accounts from the same computer, and all these special offers are limited to 1 per household.

Me: I agree let's do it

Him: It is a great idea. I think lots of people know it too. The trouble is knowing enough people who you trust and who trust you. The layman always thinks it's either a scam or it's impossible to win money gambling, and gambling is bad. The second hard obstacle is the fact that although we think using Betfair is simple etc., others haven't a clue, added to the fact they need to bet specific amounts to take advantage of the free bet offers. That's why probably the best solution is to get people you know locally, and for each one arrange to visit them say once a week for half an hour and do all the bets yourself on their computer, with them watching if they like. Hopefully, they'd soon learn to do it themselves if we told them how much exactly to bet.

Me: I reckon I could probably get 5 guys in my office on board + that estate agent bird that I do business with + Cameron.

You could get your brother on board.

I could get a cheapo laptop and do some in Vicki's name + another cheapo laptop and do more in my mum/ gran's name (obviously I'd sell the laptops on again at the end of the promo).

I keep quiet about my betting at work but the guys that "look over my shoulder" are usually well impressed.

Including yourself I make that 11 folk.

Him: The problem with the laptop idea is that they trace your IP address too. I suppose doing it from some public wifi area or something might work.

I'm not doing it as I have already done it to a large degree and don't want all the mail associated with it ending up at my house. That's another problem that some people may have btw, I always email companies when I join to get them to remove me from their physical mailing list, most do it and it works, some say you are removed and you still get their junk mail through the door.

We should try a couple of people to start with. I'll fund it and we'll split our side since you are making the contacts and leave the contact half on their own. We'll be making more on the side as affiliates too, though we should check small print, as its possible affiliate deals exclude free bet offers.

The crucial step is getting them to open a moneybookers account and then stick a small amount on to register it - as i said once that's done i can transfer them the real money to get everything else done (it has to be people you trust as they will have control over the money I send them)

People from your work shouldn't do it from your work as the moneybookers rule will kick in as they will spot the same IP address. Moneybookers locks accounts straight away for this and I believe it's a pain in the ass to get them reopened.

Btw How did you find funding moneybookers through your bank. I have only done it once for 50 quid, but i remember it being quite complicated at the time. Did you find it like this? This could be a problem for us.

Me: Double right.

The guy at work who knows about computers says that I wouldn't need to buy a new laptop.

He say if I take my laptop to McDonalds and clear my cookies I'll have a new IP address from there and therefore could set up lots of accounts using Vicki's details.

Ideally I'd like to go to McDonalds early one morning - my local one opens at 6am and stay for a few hours getting the whole thing done.

Him: Yeah, would be good to do it in Vicki's name as a trial run as you'll be able to stick on the bets so we won't have any problems with mistakes on that side - that's if she let's you use her bank account to set up the moneybookers. I can definitely get my bro to do it, though it wouldn't surprise me if he has a ton of accounts already lol I know he has a Betfair account.

There is another solution actually, but again you need to know the people very well and they need to trust you. There is a program called teamviewer that allows you to view another person's computer and even control it. Some live technical help desks use them these days to sort problems for you. The person just needs to basically have their computer on and grant you permission to control, it then you do what you have to do.

We'll need to do some research and actually see which pays out better, affiliate programs or refer a friend schemes, because most bookies have both. I'll need to check moneysavingexpert, haven't looked at that for ages. Have you? Some of the members display their profit in their signature in the sports betting forum, and some have made 5 figures, so it shows what is possible.


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Ten Comps in the Bag

Just entered 12 comps to make a bit of dough. Bizarrely one was to win a Reg Varney mug. Very topical!

I have a good property system for sale

A good way to make money from property is to:

* Identify empty houses.
* Use land registry to find the owner.
* Make lowball offers.

I am now selling lists of empty properties by Council area.

If you want this list for your area get in touch and we can strike a deal.

Here is the ad I'm running:

"Tell me your postcode and I'll provide you with a list of empty properties in your area.

Quick and thorough service. Cash refund if no suitable properties available."

Coming Next - Scotland Quiz Book

My experience of writing "1000 Rock Hard General Knowledge Questions" has shown that I could probably knock out a half decent Quiz Book in about 12 hours or so if I put my mind to it.

On the back of this, my next project is to put together a Scotland quiz book. This ties in with a few other projects I have on the go and I'm confident I'll be able to sell some.

UK Interest Rates to Stay at 0.5%

Every month a group called the Shadow MPC meets and predicts how it feels the real MPC will call the monthly interest rate decision. Outwith late 2007/ early 2008 when the whole World went mad, the Shadow MPC is rarely wrong.

The notes from their meeting this month showed that every member of the Shadow MPC called for a hold on the Bank Base Rate at 0.5%. That's good enough for me so I've piled in on Betfair.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Neil Lennon has done his first good thing

Nice bit of past-posting today (hopefully). Took the last £266 available on Neil Lennon after it was announced that he was getting the job on the Six O' Clock news.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Cheeky Bingo

Put my £10 deposit in Cheeky Bingo this morning. Got a £20 bonus, then won my second game. £41 in the bank.

Complaining to Belhaven Pubs

I had a bad experience at "The Old Brewery", Alloa, so thought I'd put my Victor Meldrew hat on:

Good Morning,

I had a very bad experience at The Old Brewery, Alloa on 22/5/2010. On the afternoon of that date I visited the pub with my Mum and my Gran for a bar lunch. I ordered Steak Pie whilst my Mum and my Gran ordered Baked Potatoes. I paid using my card. Whilst at the till the staff member asked me about the side orders of the Baked Potatoes. After waiting a considerable time my Mum asked a staff member if our meal was coming. The staff member obliged us and came back with my meal and my Gran's meal but with nothing for my mum. When we enquired as to this we were told that I had only ordered one Baked potato. I complained about this, and after a few minutes a Gentleman, who I assumed was the Duty Manager, came to the table with a receipt showing that I had only paid c. £21 - which would have been the case if I had only ordered one Baked Potato. This explanation satisfied me to a certain extent at the time. However I am absolutely fuming today as my bank statement shows that I was actually charged £27.70. This therefore says to me that the Duty Manager was lying through his teeth on my visit. It seems that he was trying to cover his tracks by printing out a fake receipt. I am shocked by this behaviour and will not be using the Old Brewery again. Could someone please contact me in regard to refunding my visit?

Kind regards,

Ross W. Taylor.

No joy from Tesco

The computer in the Tesco customer service department said "No"!

Dear Ross, I would firstly like to thank you for your email, but also to apologise for the delay in my reply. We try to respond to all our customers in a timely fashion, but this is not always possible. Secondly, I'm very sorry to hear about the poor service you have received at our Weston Favell store. I can understand how frustrating this must be, as if I was in the same situation I would've been equally as annoyed. All our members of staff go through full Customer Service training before being allowed to serve customers on the shop floor. The training focuses on how important it is to be polite and friendly at all times. I have passed the details of your complaint to John McElhatton, our Store Manager, who I'm sure will also be very concerned to hear of the way you've been treated. I have asked for him to have a chat with the staff member involved to ensure that this does not happen again. Thank you for letting me know about this, and giving me the chance to put things right. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me at customer.service@tesco.co.uk quoting TES7681124X. Kind Regards Michael WhiteheadCustomer Service ManagerTesco Customer Service

Sunday, 6 June 2010

1000 Things I'm Doing to Make Cash!: Find my book here:

1000 Things I'm Doing to Make Cash!: Find my book here:


Find my book here:

Northampton Lifestyle Management

The old fashioned service of running errands for people has ben rebranded as "Lifestyle Management".

I'm now running this ad to tout for business:


· Dog walking

· Prescription / pension collection

· Shopping

· Pet sitting

· Waiting in for deliveries or tradesmen

· Returning library books

· Taking items to charity shops / recycling areas

· Checking on elderly / infirm relatives while family are in work, even keeping them company and reading to them

· Cleaning and tidying headstone of loved ones

· Collecting dry cleaning

· New house / End of tenancy cleaning

· Providing cover in a shop / business

· All household cleaning, both one-off and regular weekly appointments

+ Much, much more. Anything consider – Just Ask!

£10 an hour flat rate – payable in advance.

Need Debt Help

You can get good commissions for sending Debt Management leads to companies, hence:

Every Family gets stuck in a rut now and again - it's natural.

I can help you get on top of your bills and stay on top through sensible investments. My methods are simple but they work.

Give me an email and I'll see what I can do.

I only charge you a percentage of the money I save you.

Scottish Gold Buyers

"Buy Low, Sell High" is the basic tenet of all business. That is the key to all the cash for gold and we buy any car ads that have popped onto our TV screens and newspaper pages over the last few years. There is not a bandwagon that I won't jump on so I've started running this ad over the last month:

Send us your Gold along with a written quote from any of these firms:

UK Cash 4 Gold.com
Postal Gold for cash
Cash My Gold
Postal Gold

Any other national firm.

We promise to beat their quote by at least 5%.

Payment made instantly by Bank Transfer, Paypal or Cheque.

Squatter Alert!

Squatter Alert is a big thing in America, but I've not seen an ad for it here yet. I'm trying to fill the gap:

As an experienced Landlord, Enforcement Officer and Debt Collector I know just how absolutely annoying it can be to have Squatters in one of your properties.
I want to help you make sure this never happens.
With my squatter alert service I can provide you with:
* A daily visit to your property, with emailed photograph as proof.
* Confrontation of squatters if found and relevant parties informed if necessary.
* Removal of visible signs of property being empty e.g. yellow pages on doorstep etc.
This is a very cheap service at only £1 per visit + petrol money. I keep the price down as I do this as much for duty, and community spirit as for profit.
Email me to make contact. Any location in Northamptonshire considered.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

1000 Rock Hard General Knowledge Questions

My second book is now published! "1000 Rock Hard General Knowledge Questions" is now available via Lulu and should be on Amazon.co.uk very shortly.

Priced at £4.99, this would be an excellent gift for Father's Day. These questions will definitely get your brain going - they are not easy!

Thursday, 3 June 2010


The OLBG website is a site and forum specially geared for sports betting. Donkey's years ago I used to like browsing "The Punters Lounge", but OLBG knocks it for six.

Something I find very attractive about this site is the cash prizes given for making tips. I'm looking to earn some dough via this. I've got an alert set up on "Remember the Milk" to remind me to go there regularly and submit.

Given the success of the Betfair fund I should be able to give a good show of myself on OLBG.

Prizes are only £10 or so per month but it all counts.

Every Little Helps........ Tesco.

I had my first piece of kak customer service since resolving to complain at the drop of the hat. Some young whipper snapper at the till in Tesco was a bit chipper. Without further ado I got home and posted off my complaint. Hopefully I'll get a few vouchers to ease my anger!

"Good Evening,

On Thursday 3rd June, I bought a small amount of shopping from your Superstore at Weston Favell, Northampton.

I am disappointed because your customer service is not what I would expect as the young man who served me was extremely rude. He did not say hello to me when the transaction commenced, he waited until the transaction completed before giving me a bag. He carried on a conversation with a passing janitor rather than seeing to my service. He did not say thank you. He was probably the worst checkout person I have came across in Tesco.

To resolve the problem I would appreciate your action on this member of staff's training. For your records, my till receipt was coded thus: 3/06/10 13:38 3377 006 3402 7061.

I look forward to hearing from you and to a resolution of this problem. Please contact me at the above email or address or via post at **********************.

Yours sincerely

Ross Taylor"