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Friday, 26 October 2012

Thumbs Up to Betfred

   Betfred came back with the info I requested. Get these dates in your diary:

16-Mar-12 Cheltenham £1,016,468.00 (record Placepot pool)

14-Mar-12 Cheltenham £937,316.00
15-Mar-12 Cheltenham £936,525.00
13-Mar-12 Cheltenham £895,990.00
22-Jun-12 Ascot £550,305.00
21-Jun-12 Ascot £533,514.00
23-Jun-12 Ascot £532,590.00
20-Jun-12 Ascot £530,981.00
19-Jun-12 Ascot £518,017.00
13-Apr-12 Aintree £454,403.00

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Placepot Enquiry

   Long time readers know that I have taken down some pretty big Placepot wins in the past. I looked online to find out where the biggest pools were this year but I couldn't find this info anywhere. I've emailed Betfred Corporate to try and find out:


I am massive fan of the Placepot and play every day. I was wondering if you could let me know what the biggest pools have been over the last year? I’ve tried to find this information online but to no avail.

Kind regards,

Ross Taylor.

The Rugby Roast Idea

   OK, my idea is to do after dinner speeches specialising in the niche of taking the pish out of the members of a club. Let's take the example of a rowdy Rugby club dinner, perhaps the Annual player of the year awards or something like that. A week before the event you would email or write to the club secretary with a Pro Forma asking for players names that fit into these categories:

  • Stupidest person
  • Oldest player
  • Anyone famous at the club.
  • Any English players
  • Any Virgins
  • Tight players
  • Drug takers
  • Fat folk
  • Womanisers
  • Gay folk
  • Bald players
  • Anyone in the club whose done time

  • Antics from the last tour.
  • Someone who is not going to be at the event. They could be the butt of your crudest jokes.

Once you've received this proforma back you would build a routine around the information you've been given alongside the usual platitudes at the start and end of the speech.

I'm sure that anyone could build a 5 to 10min routine using this material.

It's not something I would jump into but it should be easy to get practice by speaking up at whichever clubs you are currently a member of. I'm sure they would allow you a little bit of practice.

Betfair Profits

   Had plenty of peace today so had my first real Betfair session of this season. Returns were good but include £30 I won on Frankel's swansong.

Betting Profit & Loss

Ross Taylor 20-Oct-2012 17:06

Horse Racing: £31.63
Soccer: £33.18
Total P&L: £64.81

"I Only Roast the Ones I Love" by Jeffrey Ross

   I still have to type up my "Rugby Roast" idea. It is something I really want to make a go of and I'm looking for a buddy to go to the course with me. More of that later. I've just finished reading "I only roast the ones I love" by Jeffrey Ross. Overall the book was funny but I can't say much more than that. It was pretty obvious that Ross (or his Ghostwriter) had just sat and watched his own videos on Youtube and typed up a little scenario to frame what was happening before and after his gigs. Basically you or me or more likely Chas Newkey-Burden could've written it in a couple of sittings.

   One part of the book I did like was his secrets for writing roast jokes chapter. Here is some sections:

Openers - your first few jokes should try to encapsulate the event. Example: "This isn't a who's who. It's a Who cares?"

Twofers - It's especially fun to nail two people with one line. Example: "Uncle Joe I don't know what stinks worse - your feet or Aunt Donna's cooking".

Crossbreeders - Stare at a picture of the person you are roasting and imagine how such a creature was created. "Uncle Murray, you look like Grandma was raped by an owl".

Tags - a tag is a little joke that goes after a big joke. Example: "Larry the Cable Guy has fucked so many farm animals that he's now called Larry the Stable Guy. Remember Larry Neigh means Neigh".

Props/ Costumes/ Closers

Herbal High

I desperately want to get involved in the Herbal High market. Today I have written to the UK's top herbal high website:


I would like to get involved in the Herbal High business. Is there anything I can grow and supply to you guys. I am not interested in making a profit from this.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Ross Taylor.

Flowershop joke......

What's the cheapest way to open a flower shop?

Tie a teddy bear to a lamp post.

Read more:

Photos on the Payroll

   I've never been a big Photographer but I do understand that a little pocket money can be made via selling stock photos on the Web. Doing this could give you a foothold into the world of Glamour Photography (a place I'd like to be) and also the growing niche of Wedding Glamour Photography (!), which I had never heard of until last year and now see creeping up very often.

   I previously bought an information product called "Photos on the Payroll", here is the whole product boiled down to a few points:

  • You should beuploading thousands of photos.
  • Use Photo stock plus, Dreams Time, I Stock Photos.
  • Take photos associated with what is happening in the news.
  • Upload funny photos at
  • Use 3 - 5 keywords on every photo
  • Make more money through the referral program

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Secrets for Sale.....

   People who say "Don't judge a book by it's cover" are probably right, on the other hand we are all guilty of doing it - and of judging a book by it's title too. I'd wager you that a book with any of these titles would sell. Note that you could knock up a half decent book pertaining to these titles in one night easy.


  • Make Money from driving
  • Have a flat stomach in 3 months
  • Fight back against hair loss
  • Cash from your Camcorder
  • How to win the UK Lottery
  • Self Hypnosis made easy
  • Winning at casinos
  • How to obtain a second passport
  • Speed reading made easy
  • Develop your own super memory
  • Your own profitable import agency
  • Low capital home business ideas
  • Slash your tax bill
  • Complain and win every time
  • The secrets of mind mapping
  • Improve your IQ
  • Short story writing for profit
  • How to avoid paying parking tickets and speeding fines
  • Story Sparks plot ideas for creative writing
  • Convert used cooking oil to run a 6kw silent diesel generator (God I'd buy that myself!)
  • Tax tips for the Self employed
  • Make money at home with cake decorating
  • Earn £100s per week using your digital camera
  • Live on farmland without planning permission
  • Glamour nude wedding photography
  • Make a million from hypnosis
  • Pyschology for beginners
  • How to make money while you sleep
  • Learn Spray tanning
  • How to earn from life coaching
  • How to remove gold from computer boards
  • How to spray paint your car
  • How to make £1000 in 1 week
  • How to get laid 365+ times a year using hypnotic techniques
  • How to write an ebokk in under 1hr
  • A Traders guide to self discipline
  • How to make $385 in one day using Ebay

More King Human

   Here are some more random King Human notes:

  • Never buy a Gambling system.
  • Writing for the Kindle is the future.
  • Use Amazon widgets on your blog.
  • Build a rare books knowledge base and post wanted ads for what you are looking for.
  • Write an Ebook on how to write an Ebook.
  • Buy pallets of returned goods. Pick out the best for Ebay and sell the rest via Car Boots.

King Human

   I've mentioned Avril Harper a lot on this forum. Other than Avril another Internet Biz Opp spin merchant that I like to follow is a Youtube Vlogger called "King Human". As per Avril I have a strong suspicion that much of his posts are there to promote Clickbank links. Apart from that though there are occasional gems and points of interest. One of his recent posts of interest was regarding his system for the Antiquarian Book business:

1) Go to Ebay - Books - Antiquarian & Collectable
2) Go to completed listings under £1000.
3) Find a Sold item with > 10 bids
4) Trawl the net to find that product at 50% or less of the Ebay sold price

This system sounds stupid but in his vid he shows how many books selling on Ebay can be had elsewhere, for example Abe Books, at half the price.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Jack and Jill Markets

   I was very impressed with the Jack and Jill market I attended in Grangemouth a few weeks back ( There were at least 40 stalls and 300+ punters. A market like this would be a great place to sell Kiddies sticker books. They seem to be happening all the time at the moment (there are 3 across Central Scotland this Sunday). The only downside I can see is that it is £23 per stall so you'd have to sell a good few sticker books at 50p profit a piece to break even. Also note that it says on the website that stalls are not sold to businesses.
   On another note these markets a great example of why people like Richard Booth and Mary Portas are on the right wavelength. The little guys have to find niches and think outside the box to get ahead. By aggregating 50 grot stalls into something worth visiting AND even paying a pound to get in. I'm sure touring markets for other products could also be successful.

Perth Racecourse System

   A few months ago I mentioned that I thought that Perth Racecourse seemed to have less long odds winners than elsewhere. Here is what I found:

* Of the 40 checked Handicap races at Perth this season, only two had winners at odds of greater than 10/1. 2 of the 40 were odds on.

* Of the 27 checked Non Handicap races, only two had winners with odds of greater than 10/1. 3 of the 27 were odds on.

Earlier this year I won over £600 on the Cheltenham Friday Placepot by using Ten year trends. Races at Perth don't have the prestige to build up such a history but this may change and is worth monitorring.

I would say that if you stuck to horses in the EVS to 10/1 range in Handicaps at Perth you won't go far wrong. I'm guessing that Favourites don't have a great time of it at Perth but I can't confirm this.

That brings me to the second piont. When you search for UK football stats you can get a wealth of data within a few clicks. When you search for UK Horse racing stats you hit a tolbooth very quickly. A good site would be a free to view Horse Racing site perhaps focussing on the Scottish courses.

I pay more tax than Starbucks!


We initiated a transfer to your current account (ending in 771) in the amount of £29.05 on 16/10/2012.

Poker System

My mate is a successful Poker Player. Here is some of his strategy rules as far as I can understand:

* Never limp in.
* Never just call a bet unless you have position and have a semi-decent hand.
* Use position.
* Use Blind stats to your advantage.
* Always be raising. Agression is good.
* If you start bluffing you've got to keep bluffing.
* Hold'em Manager is a key tool for grinder.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Amazon Income

   I added up the Amazon income I have brought in since getting back into it back in June/ July. Remember my target is to get a couple of £100+ months before possibly switching across to FBA. Here are my results:

July     £67

August   £59

September   £94

Still a bit to go then to break through the £100 mark. On the plus side we are approaching Christmas and I have an extra 500 or so books to list.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sat 13th October 2012 Q2


   A couple of weeks back I attended the Illuminations at Alva Glen. It was packed out. If I could get permission it would be well worth selling via a Blinkies (flashing light) stall at the edge of this. 4500 people turned up!

Sat 13th October 2012 UK Trivia

Friday, 5 October 2012


   Long time readers will know that "The 4 Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferriss is one of my all-time favourite books. In the book Tim advocates the use of outsourcing as a means of using geo-arbitrage to free up time. I'll give you an example: Tim makes £20 per hour grinding poker but he needs to stop for an hour each week to type up a report. If Tim can outsource the writing of that report for anything less than £20 (and it can be done properly elsewhere) then it makes sense for him to outsource the task and carry on playing cards.
   In the book Tim recommends a company called "Your Man In India". I am going to try a little experiment with them. Here is an enquiry I've dropped to them today:


please reply by email rather than call. I am looking for an Inventory report to be constructed using the information I provide. I would ideally like this report to contain some smart Infographics. If possible could I please see an example of a Sales report, Inventory Report and Infographic prepared by you guys?

Thanks in advance,


Thursday, 4 October 2012

More Cash From Amazon


We initiated a transfer to your current account (ending in 771) in the amount of £12.61 on 02/10/2012.
My wife is off on holiday in a couple of weeks so I will have plenty of time to tot up my recent business and see if FBA is a sensible option.

I also have about 600 - 700 more books to list (bought for £36).