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Saturday, 14 March 2015

My Review of "Fletch's Fortune" by Gregory McDonald

   Fletch is blackmailed into attending the convention of American Journalists and bugging their rooms for pillow talk. Prior to the conference the President of the Association, Walter March, has been murdered in his room. A whodunit ensues with a countless number of colourful Newspapermen and women in the frame.

   I agree with other reviews in that there were a few too many characters to keep track of. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this book. It is mostly dialogue so moves along at a fair pace. Total reading time roughly 3.5 hours. I sniggered on at least ten occasions. I must admit my mental picture of Fletch is Chevy Chase.

   Imagine Murder She Wrote drenched in sarcasm.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Callisto Media

   I read this about "Callisto Media" ( I LOVE THIS MODEL!
"The fastest-growing publisher on PW’s list this year is Callisto Media, which was cofounded in 2011 by Benjamin Wayne, president and CEO, and Matt Oesterle, v-p of product, and had its first full year of operation in 2012. Comparing 2014 to 2012, revenue soared 833%, and the number of employees rose from six to 24 last year. The number of “title completions,” after jumping from 17 in 2012 to 90 in 2013, declined to 56 last year; according to Karen Hartwig, v-p, commercialization, this was because Callisto focused on long-format titles last year, after doing a mix of long-form and short-form titles in 2013.
   Prior to forming Callisto Media, Wayne was president and CEO of a number of digital media startup companies, and Oesterle was the CEO of Offertarget, a provider of lead-generation software for Internet retailers. Using their background, the two men create proprietary algorithms to mine Big Data for topics of consumer interest. Callisto then hires authors to write specific titles based on these algorithms, making individual financial arrangements with authors based on background and expertise. Major subject areas for Callisto include cookbooks, health/fitness/dieting, self-help, business, and crafts/hobbies/home, and the company releases titles under a number of different imprints. Its top-selling titles include Paleo for Every Day, Mindfulness Made Simple, and Memory Tips & Tricks. All titles are available in print and digital formats, with some in audio, and are distributed by Ingram Publisher Services".

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

James Altucher's 8 Point Shit Hit the Fan Plan

   "All aggression results from a lack of preparation". I truly believe that. Think about it. Think about the last time you were in a fight. Think about the last time you were in an angry slanging match. In every scenario I can think of I could've prepared better to avoid that fight. I like the idea of being prepared. Even to the extent of being a "prepper".

   Anyhow, I was reading James Altucher's plan on what you should do if you lose your job today. I think I can sum it up in 8 points:

1. Compile a list of companies you would be interested in working for. Think out 10 ideas on how you could add value to that company.

2. Make a list of people that you are grateful for. Reach out to them and tell them you thank them for their help in your life (Why? First of all this is going to make you feel better about losing your job. Secondly always remember that most jobs are never advertised. By reaching out you are reopening channels to someone who might be able to help you out).

3. Get a good suit and where it every day even though you are no longer going to the office.

4. Reconnect with absolutely everyone you used to work with and send them some ideas.

5. Slash your expenses.

6. Arrange lunch with some of the people you have reconnected with.

7. Use your free time to write a book.

8. Brainstorm ideas.

I have something to add to James' list. I think all of these things should be done BEFORE you lose your job. Remember - "All aggression results from a lack of preparation".

Thursday, 13 November 2014

One on One

   I am getting more and more convinced that the best job for myself would be something appointment based, where I work one on one with a customer/ patient/ client. I'm thinking about the likes of:

  • GP
  • Dentist
  • Financial Adviser
  • Life Coach
  • Hypnotherapist

   Obviously some of these take more training time than others!

Tim Ferriss' Market Research Step by Step

   I like Ebooks. When the Kindle first came out I was in the "Not for me" camp...... but then I tried it and I realised I was a fool.

   The Kindle is excellent. Very readable screen. Long battery life. Exceptionally user friendly. The Kindle store is fantastic - something for everyone.

   I have not yet produced an ebook of my own (I've done several physical books) but it is only a matter of time before I publish something.

   Earlier today I was browsing through an old Tim Ferriss blog post that I had printed off. Ferriss puts forward some great steps for doing market research within the area of your interest:

* Narrow down to 20 titles that you are interested in emulating.
* Read the "most helpful" 3 or 4 star reviews.
* From these reviews compile a list of what is missing or deficient from the books.
* Download all 20 onto your Kindle and read the highlighted sections.

I keep coming back to Tim Ferriss stuff time after time - brilliant!

How I used my day job to fund my freedom business

   I read this extract within the title article:

"When I was working at my day job, I would often commiserate and complain about how much I loathed it and dreamed of the day when I could finally say goodbye to it for good. Even though I was doing work that I enjoyed, there were many things that frustrated me immensely.

Just to name a few.....

* I didn't like being told what to do (I think all entrepreneurs have some amount of control issues).
* I didn't like being constrained to a schedule not determined by me.
* I didn't particularly enjoy working with some of the people at my job. (Okay some of them I couldn't stand.)

But guess what? Complaining about those things only made me more attached to what I didn't want. <>

I eventually realised that I needed to stop resisting and work with what was supposedly holding me back. I had to turn my adversary into my ally.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

More Book Ideas

   Due to a change in office I've had to downsize my personal book collection. Before doing so I am summing up the writing ideas that each book has given me..........

   Next up is "Adventure Capitalists" (Kogan Page, 1998). This is a compendium of the thoughts on various management and people issues by some of Britain's top managers. People such as Greg Dyke and Ron Dennis bare their souls, admit their mistakes and explain their backgrounds.

   This book looked so dated by the time that I picked it up that I never actually read it. I don't really picture myself as the head of a multinational organisation, I feel more suited to the digital nomad gig, or even just running small businesses from my shed.

   The book did get my brain going with ideas though. What would I like to read?

   Well, whenever I switch on Youtube I search out the latest videos from, for want of a better word, "lifestyle designers". This would probably include a section on each of these guys:

* Tim Ferriss
* James Altucher
* Kevin Rose
* Neil Strauss
* Robert Greene
* Gary Vaynerchuk
* Chris Guillebeau

   The basic outline of the book would consist of bios of these guys plus a few more. What is their outlook in life? what are their habits and routines? When they have time on TV, what do they choose to talk about? What books have they written and what was the World view put forward in them? How have they interacted with the other guys (and they are all guys) in the book.

   I think just answering those questions alone would result in a c 50 page book, which I'm sure would garner interest from the loyal fans of each of these.