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Thursday, 13 November 2014

One on One

   I am getting more and more convinced that the best job for myself would be something appointment based, where I work one on one with a customer/ patient/ client. I'm thinking about the likes of:

  • GP
  • Dentist
  • Financial Adviser
  • Life Coach
  • Hypnotherapist

   Obviously some of these take more training time than others!

Tim Ferriss' Market Research Step by Step

   I like Ebooks. When the Kindle first came out I was in the "Not for me" camp...... but then I tried it and I realised I was a fool.

   The Kindle is excellent. Very readable screen. Long battery life. Exceptionally user friendly. The Kindle store is fantastic - something for everyone.

   I have not yet produced an ebook of my own (I've done several physical books) but it is only a matter of time before I publish something.

   Earlier today I was browsing through an old Tim Ferriss blog post that I had printed off. Ferriss puts forward some great steps for doing market research within the area of your interest:

* Narrow down to 20 titles that you are interested in emulating.
* Read the "most helpful" 3 or 4 star reviews.
* From these reviews compile a list of what is missing or deficient from the books.
* Download all 20 onto your Kindle and read the highlighted sections.

I keep coming back to Tim Ferriss stuff time after time - brilliant!

How I used my day job to fund my freedom business

   I read this extract within the title article:

"When I was working at my day job, I would often commiserate and complain about how much I loathed it and dreamed of the day when I could finally say goodbye to it for good. Even though I was doing work that I enjoyed, there were many things that frustrated me immensely.

Just to name a few.....

* I didn't like being told what to do (I think all entrepreneurs have some amount of control issues).
* I didn't like being constrained to a schedule not determined by me.
* I didn't particularly enjoy working with some of the people at my job. (Okay some of them I couldn't stand.)

But guess what? Complaining about those things only made me more attached to what I didn't want. <>

I eventually realised that I needed to stop resisting and work with what was supposedly holding me back. I had to turn my adversary into my ally.